100 Years of Buffalo Broadcasting: The Cover Collages

       By Steve Cichon

Excerpt from 100 Years of Buffalo Broadcasting 

 The collage of 270 photos on the front and back covers come together to tell the history of Buffalo Broadcasting before you even open the book. This is a brief description of each photo, row by row.

Front cover, row 1: Van Miller at the Buffalo Braves mic; Eyewitness News crew; Susan Banks, Ch. 7; Carol Jasen, Ch.4; Jim Santella at WYSL-FM; Ed Little, WBEN; Howard Simon, WBEN; Promo the Robot, Rocketship 7; Susan King, WGR-TV, Stan Barron, WBEN

Front cover, row 2: Roger Baker, WGR; Santa with Forgetful & Grumbles the elves, Ch. 4; Henry Marcotte, June Bacon-Bercey, WGR-TV; Jack Mahl, Atlantic Weatherman, Ch.2; Mark Leitner, WBEN News; Stoopnagle & Budd, WMAK; Brian Blessing & Mike Robitaille, Hockey Hotline, Empire Sports Network; Al Vaughters, Ch.4; Mary Travers, Ch.7; Taylor & Moore, WPHD; Chuck Healy, Ch.4

Front cover, row 3: Kevin O’Connell, WBEN-TV; Art Wander, WGR; John DiSciullo, WKBW; Bill and Mildred Miller, WBEN-TV; Nolan Johannes, Dialing for Dollars; Carol Jasen, Ch.4; John Zach & Susan Rose, WBEN; Howdy Doody & Buffalo Bob Smith; Tom Connolly, WBEN; Adam Keefe, Ch.7; WGR-TV bumper.

Front cover, row 4: Ron Hunter, Ch.2; Stan Roberts, WGR; Sandy White, Ch.4; Tim Fleischer, Ch.7.

Front cover, row 5: Charles R. Turner Heating & Cooling; Jacquie Walker, Ch.4; Greg Bauch, WGR; Cindy DiBiasi, Ch.7

Front cover, row 6: Ted Darling, Voice of the Sabres; Anne Simon, Ch.7; Doris Jones, Ch.2; Al Wallack Jazz in the Nighttime

Front cover, row 7: Buffalo Bob Smith & Mike Randall, Ch.7; Jon Summers & Dan Neaverth, WKBW; Larry Sales, Ch.7; Commander Tom, Ch.7; Marty Biniasz; Irv Weinstein, Ch.7; Clint Buehlman, WBEN; Danny Neaverth, Bells; Elvis Presley and George “Hound Dog” Lorenz; WBNY cruiser; Jay Moran, WNSA.

Front cover, row 8: Rich Newberg, Ch.4; Barry Lillis, Barry’s Cat’s Pajamas, Ch.2; Sheila Murphy, Ch.2; Don Postles Ch.7; John Otto, WGR; Ramblin’ Lou Schriver, WWOL; Brandy Scrufari & Zig Fracassi, WJJL; Bill Devine & Goldie Gardner, WNED; AM Buffalo; Sandy Beach, WKBW; John Corbett, Ch.4

Front cover, row 9: Jack Mindy, WBEN; Kevin Jolly, YNN, Paul Woodson, Ch.4, Dooley O’Rourke, Ch.2, Mark Leitner, WNED, George Richert, Ch.4, Claudine Ewing, Ch.2; Bill Lacy, WBEN; Fun? Wow!, Fantasy Island commercial; Art “Mr. Food” Ginsburg; Al Anscombe, WKBW; Don “Keller” Yearke, Ch.7; Tom McCrea, John Zach, Tom Shannon, Dan Neaverth; Les Trent, Ch.2; Ted Shredd & Tom Ragan, WEDG; WBEN and WEBR, The News Stations, 1941

Front cover, row 10: Jeff Kaye & Rod Roddy, WKBW Radio; John Corbett, Chuck Lampkin, Van Miller, Ch.4 news; Danny Moves my Fanny patch, Joey from Super Duper; Art Wander, Bob Koshinski, Larry Felser, Ed Kilgore, Pros & Cons Empire Sports Network; Rich Kellman & Sheila Murphy, Ch.2; Johnny & Jimmy, the Dialing for Dollars Band; Kevin O’Connell, Disco-Step-By-Step; Don Polec, Ch.7; Jacquie Walker & Chuck Gurney, Ch.4; Dick Rifenburg, Ch.4

Front cover, row 11: Carl Russo, Medaille College; Pete Weber & John Murphy, WBEN; Jimmy Lyons, WUFO; Roger Lund, Ch.7; WWOL deejay; Mylous Hairston, Ch.4; WBEN-TV cameras in 1948; Bob Koshinski, Ch.7; Van Miller, Voice of the Bills; Joe Schlaerth & Mike Mombrea, Ch.4; Clip Smith Ch.7

Front cover, row 12: Beat the Champ open, Ch.4; Brad Riter, WGR; Larry Norton, 97 Rock; Elliot Shapiro, Gary Deeb, Doug Smith, Buffalo Evening News; Kevin Keenan, Brandy Scrufari, Ed Little, Bill Lacy, WBEN; Dave Thomas, Ch.7; Milt Ellis, Voice of the Aud & WDCX; Van Miller, Bob Koop, Lou McNally, Ch.4; Val Townsend, WEDG; NewsCenter 2 open; Bill & Reggie Keaton, WGR

Front cover, row 13: Carl Koch & The WBEN Trio; Al Wallack, WEBR; Buffalo Braves logo; WKBW News license plate; Jay Fredericks (Fritz Coleman), WBEN; Mayor Masiello with WNUC t-shirt; Tom Bauerle, WGR; Willy WNIA; Craig Matthews, WHTT; Clinton Buehlman, WGR; Henry Brach and Danny Neaverth, WKBW

Front cover, row 14: Virgil Booth, Ch.4; Danny Neaverth, Tom Shannon, Rod Roddy, WKBW; Eyewitness news open; John Lascalles and David Cheskin at Rendez-Vous, WGR

Front cover, row 15: Fr. Justyn Figas of The Rosary Hour; Chuck Lampkin, Ch.4; George “Hound Dog” Lorenz; Keith Radford and Kathleen Leighton, Ch.7; Pete Anderson, Q-102; Van Miller & Stan Barron; Tom Jolls, Ch.7; Howard Simon, WBEN; Duke Ellington with Liz Dribben, Ch.7; Shane Brother Shane Gibson, WGR; Mary Alice Demler, Ch.2

Front cover, row 16: Randy Bushover, WBEN; Laurie Short, Ch.4; Ralph Hubbell, WBEN; Frank Benny, WGR; Jim Santella, WGR-FM; Jeff Kaye, WBEN; Brian Kahle & Linda Pellegrino, Ch.7; Danny Neaverth, Oldies 104; Mike Robitaille, Jim Lorenz, Rick Jeanneret, Ted Darling at the Aud; Jack Armstrong, WKBW

Front cover, row 17: Billy Fuccillo, Kathy Ansuini, Ch.7; Trish Mattimore, WKBW; Tom Langmyer, WBEN; Maria Genero, Ch.4; Van Miller, WBEN; Gov. Rockefeller and Paula Drew; John Murphy, Ch.7; WKBW record album; Chuck Healy, Ch.4; John Beard, Carol Crissey, Ch.4

Back cover, row 1: Brian Kahle, Nancy Foreman, Ch.7; Tim Wenger & Susan Rose, WBEN; Victoria Hong, Ch.2; Mike Randall, Bob Stilson, Promo the Robot, Commander Tom, Ch.7; Clint Buehlman, WBEN; Jim Taylor, Ted Hackett, Tom Shannon, Don Keller, Dick Braun, Gene Nelson, WKBW;  Don Paul, Ch.4; Gary McNamara, WBEN; Tom Jolls, Ch.7; Ch.17’s Great TV Auction and the Quickies Board; Rich Kellman and Don Postles, Ch.2

Back cover, row 2: Eyewitness Newsreel; Bob Wells, WEBR

Back cover, row 3: Sally Work, WBEN; Ch.2 logo

Back cover, row 4: Dave Gillen, Q-102; Don Moffit, Debbie Stamp, PM Magazine; John Murphy, WBEN; Ken Philips, Ch.4; Ron Dobson, WBEN; Irv Weinstein, Ch.7; Bill Lacy, Kevin Keenan, WBEN; Dave Thomas, Johnny Banaszak, Nolan Johannes, Jimmy Edwin, Dialing for Dollars, Ch.7; Danny Neaverth, WKBW; Rick Jeanneret, Ted Darling, Mike Robitaille, Jim Lorenz; John Pauly, Ch.7

Back cover, row 5: Jack Eno, WEBR; Tommy Shannon, WKBW; Liberace, Mildred Miller, Bill Miller—Meet the Millers; Art Wander; Jack Kemp, Van Miller; Jacquie Walker, Bob Koop, Carol Jasen, Ch.4; Fred Klestine, WKBW; Chuck Healy, Beat the Champ, Ch.4;  Tom Whalen, WBEN; Ch.2 mic flag, mid 80s; Dave Brubeck and Liz Dribben, Ch.7

Back cover, row 6: Rick Azar, Ch.7; Stan Jasinski; Dog & Polly Smith, Ch.4; Tom Jolls, Ch.7; Ramblin’ Lou Schriver and the Family Band; Ch.7 Live Eye

Back cover, row 7: WWOL, Shelton Square; Andrew Siff, Ch.7; Steve Cichon, WBEN; Les Trent, Ch.2; Barry Lillis, WJJL; Bill Mazer, WKBW

Back cover, row 8: Stan Roberts for Mister Donut, WBUF; Al Meltzer, Bills Play-by-play, WKBW; Danny McBride and Ed Tucholka; John Jarrett, WJJL; Frank Wojnarski’s Pic-A-Polka Band, Ch.2; Nan Cooper, WBEN

Back cover, row 9: Ed Little, WBEN; WGR-TV’s elves; Irv Weinstein, Ch.7; Tony Battilana, Ch.4; WKBW Radio studios, 1430 Main Street; Jim Kelley & Howard Simon, WBEN

Back cover, row 10: Mark Leitner, WBEN; John Beard, Ch.4; Jeff Kaye, WKBW; Keith Luke, WYSL; Helen Neville, WGR; The Jolly Little Baker, Kaufman’s Rye Bread

Back cover, row 11: WIVB-TV Sign, Elmwood Ave; Rod Roddy, The Price is Right; Tony Smith, WUFO; John Demerle, Empire Sports Network; Hank Nevins, WBEN; Irv, Ch.7; WBEN-TV test pattern; Janet Snyder, Kiss 98.5; Marty Gleason, WBEN; Rick Pfeiffer, Ch.4; Doris Jones, Ch.2

Back cover, row 12: Captain Mike Mearian and Buttons the Cabin Boy, Ch.4; Joey Reynolds, WKBW; Brian Kahle, Ch.7; Jungle Jay Nelson, WKBW; Rick Jeanneret, Voice of the Sabres; John Otto, WGR; Van Miller, WBEN; WGR mobile Studio; Irv Weinstein, Don Postles, Ch.7; Uncle Jerry Brick, Ch.4; John Zach, Steve Cichon, WBEN

Back cover, row 13: George Lorenz, The Ol’Hound Dog, PM Magazine still, Mr. Whatnot Jack Paupst, Ch.17; Tom Kelly, WBEN; Ken Philips, Gene Kelly, Al Fox, Jack Ogilvie, John Luther, WBEN; Ernie Warlick, Ch.2; Foster Brooks, WGR; Richard Reeve, Ch.4; Sandy Beach, Don Berns, Jack Armstrong, Casey Piotrowski, Jack Sheridan, Dan Neaverth, Bob McRae, WKBW; WBEN-TV cameras at the Aud; Larry Sales, Ch.7

Back cover, row 14: Lucky Pierre, WBNY; Roger Christian, WBEN-FM; Esther Huff and Clint Buehlman at Hengerer’s, WBEN; Rich Kellman & Molly McCoy, Ch.2; Dan Neaverth, WKBW; Wadi Sawabini, Ch.4; Ward Fenton, Ch.4; Jon & Howard Simon, WNSA; Rufus Coyote, WYSL; Rick Maloney, WNSA; Barry Lillis Ch.2

Buffalo Broadcasters Hall of Fame ceremony group photo, 1998. Marty Biniasz, Phil Beuth, Bob Smith, Ed Little, Jack Horohoe, Jack McLean, Al Wallack, Leia Militello, Rick Azar, Irv Weinstein, Carol Jasen, Lee Coppola, Iney Wallens, Tom Jolls, Steve Cichon, Simon Goldman, Gary Deeb, Van Miller, Steve Mitchell, Mike Igoe, JR Reid, Don Yearke.

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