Asking for your vote!

By Steve Cichon

A social media recap of the 24 hours run-up to Election Day 2017, where I was the endorsed Democrat running for Erie County Clerk:

Thank you for eight months of love and support– I have two last favors to ask. First, if you believe that I would bring common sense and integrity to government, I humbly ask that you share this video with a personal message about why you’re voting for me with your Facebook friends.

Second, please, PLEASE vote tomorrow. Having a great message, having a heart in the right place, having the drive and determination to make our county and our world a better place doesn’t matter unless we get one more vote than the other guy. Thanks and love!

A Trusted Voice

Vote for the candidate with real world experience and a new voice: Vote Steve Cichon for Erie County Clerk on November 7th.

Posted by Steve Cichon for Erie County Clerk on Sunday, October 22, 2017


Somewhere, Grandpa Cichon was smiling…. as I interrupted people trying to make urgent last minute, get-out-the-vote phone calls with Paula’s Donuts.

In case you were wondering how I was voting in the clerk’s race…

It’s been eight long months on the campaign trail and hundreds of people have lent their time and talents (and maybe a spot on their lawn) to share the word: I would consider it an honor to bring common sense, humility, and public service to the clerk’s office. There are two final steps in that process. The first is done– I have my lucky bow tie socks on. The second is in your hands… Thank you for all your love, support and vote!!

You look for signs on a day like today, and these are the winter cups unveiled at Tim Hortons this morning…

The family that votes together… WINS!


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