Audio Flashback: WBEN Newsweek, 1978

By Steve Cichon

With the recent passing of Doug Smith, I was reminded of a piece of audio in the Buffalo Stories archives where he was featured as the Courier-Express Film Critic.

The recording is a half-hour feature called “Newsweek,” and was a collection of highlights from WBEN’s “Newsday at Noon.” This particular edition was from what sounds like the last week of 1978.

Doug is being interviewed by Lou Douglas, who also interviews Erie County Legislator William Pauly, Episcopal Bishop Harold Robinson, and Peggy Speranza of the Feingold Association.

The host of the half-hour is newsman Jim McLaughlin, and there is also a Stan Barron sports editorial at the 15:10 mark,

When I started working at WBEN in the early 1990s, running the pre-taped Newsweek– by then hosted by Tim Wenger– very early Sunday morning was one of my first jobs in radio.


January 28, 1977: 40 years ago today, a new identity for Buffalo

By Steve Cichon

Maybe it was right up until January 27, 1977 that Buffalo was known as a blue collar town. A hardscrabble steel making town. A simple, shot-and-a-beer, look-a- guy-in-the-eye town. It was known as a place with long winters and a string of rotten luck— getting hit hard by the changes in the world through the 1970s.

You knew that OJ Simpson played football in Buffalo and Howdy Doody’s pal Buffalo Bob Smith was from there– but you probably didn’t know about chicken wings yet, because it was a 1980 article in the New Yorker that really put the Buffalo wing in the national spotlight.

Then, starting on January 28, 1977, Buffalo began appearing on the national TV news every night for weeks as the city dug out from The Blizzard of ’77.

Trains being loaded with snow to be taken south to melt, a week after the storm first hit.

The first question of Buffalonians at conventions or in airports was no longer about OJ or Niagara Falls or steel.

“Did the snow melt yet?”

It was always one of the things Buffalo was known for, but 40 years ago today, it became the thing.  Even losing four straight Super Bowls and having the longest playoff drought in major league sports hasn’t been able to shake the Blizzard of ’77’s  stranglehold on our national identity.

Here it is, 40 years later, and we’re just starting to wholly embrace this wintry identity which Mother Nature foisted on us, and hopefully making more and more people aware that making the best of the cold, snow, and ice is something we’re great at.

Buffalonians welcoming the world to our annual celebration of winter. ( photo)

Even though a few winters have really kicked us in the teeth, we sure know how to do winter in Buffalo.. and we even do the winters that have done us.

When the snow really wallops us, take care of each other and have fun. During the “Snowmegeddon” storm of 2014, firefighters carried a patient a mile up Abbott Road to Mercy Hospital. We also make beer fridges out of the snow drifts blown against our doors.

In the days following the Blizzard of ’77, both Tops and Bells ran ads telling Buffalo they had food left.

Having the Blizzard of ’77 notched in our belts makes us bad ass. We’ve seen the worst of it and know that we mostly survived. But our hearts often turn to those whose death in 1977 made us more careful as a people.

We’ll never forget the ten people who froze to death in their cars– their awful fate is our permanent warning.

We learned lessons of neighborliness and what it truly means to be a Buffalonian. One tragic example of a the kind of Buffalo guy we all strive to be was Officer Carl O. Reese.

Officer Reese worked for 25 straight hours at the beginning of the blizzard, pushing cars to get people on their way and bringing people stranded just south of downtown medicine and food, putting their health and comfort before his own. After more than a full day on his feet, he went back out to help free cars stuck on the Skyway.

Officer Reese collapsed of exhaustion and suffered a heart attack upon arriving home after that marathon shift– he was only 38 years old, and survived by a wife and small child.

From the pages of the Courier-Express: a day-by-day recap of the Blizzard of ’77:

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A look at how the Buffalo Zoo made it through The Blizzard, which animals escaped and were caught, and which one animal escaped and was never heard from again.


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Newspaper, radio & TV broadcasts bring the storm back to life…

See the front pages of the Buffalo Evening News and Courier-Express, watch a full-half-hour broadcast of the WBEN-TV Channel 4 news, and listen to radio around the dial in Buffalo at the height of the Blizzard.


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Buffalo in the ’20s: YMCA branch was heart of black community

By Steve Cichon

Between the world wars, there was no greater unifier of Buffalo’s growing black population than the Michigan Avenue YMCA.

As late as 1920, unique circumstances made gathering as a community in a single space difficult. Overt racism made many civic gathering places, and most private ones, off limits. In other marginalized and immigrant communities within Buffalo, a place of worship also acted as a place of assembly for non-religious activities – but unlike the Irish, Polish, Italian and Jewish populations, there wasn’t necessarily a unifying current among the many different churches of the larger African-American community.

The organization of a YMCA branch specifically for Buffalo’s black men and boys started in 1924. By 1927, $225,000 had been raised and plans were drawn up for the building by John Edmonston Brent. He was one of the founding members of the branch, as well as Buffalo’s first black architect. Brent would go on to work for the City of Buffalo, where his design work remains on display, most notably along the gates and fences of the Buffalo Zoo.

On April 15, 1928, the new building was dedicated in “devotion to the uplift and advancement” of the 10,000 members of the black community it served.

Aside from the 20-by-60-foot swimming pool and gymnasium, the building boasted a barber shop in the basement, a lounge for men fronting Michigan Avenue, and a lounge for boys on the side of the building. The second floor was filled with classrooms, club rooms, a cafeteria and a women’s area. The third and fourth floors were dormitories with room for 70 men.

More than just a club, the Michigan Avenue YMCA became the heart of the community. Famous speakers, performers and human rights activists such as W.E.B. Du Bois, Count Basie and a young Jim Brown all visited the building.

William “Pops” Jackson (left) began running a YMCA program for Buffalo’s black population in 1923. He oversaw the building of the Michigan Avenue building. When he retired in 1947, he was widely acclaimed as the driving force behind the YMCA and much of the good happening in Buffalo’s black community. (Buffalo Stories archives)

Perhaps more importantly, the building was home to fostering ideas and a sense of purpose from within the black community out to the rest of Western New York.

Following the appointment of the Rev. D Ormond Walker, pastor of Bethel AME Church, to Buffalo’s War Council in 1944, Michigan Avenue YMCA chapter president A.J. Smitherman felt that the YMCA had helping bring people together. He spoke about it at a Y gathering that included the fire commissioner, the Democratic Party chairman and the president of Western Savings Bank.

“It is gratifying that our people and other groups may mingle at ease on terms of human brotherhood and friendship. That’s the kind of unity and brotherhood the world is seeking and it is Buffalo’s answer to those bigots who would raise the red flag of race hatred.”

The Michigan Avenue YMCA building was torn down in 1977; the site remains a vacant lot just south of Sycamore.

Buffalo in the ’50s: Neon signs along the Peace Bridge

By Steve Cichon

Lines at the Peace Bridge are nothing new, but the scenery has changed through the years.

Buffalo Stories archives

Even when the toll was a quarter and the most evasive question you’d be asked was “Where do you live?,” the backups still felt like forever after a weekend of fun at the cottage or on the Comet.

While the cars were queued up in the 1950s, they were bathed in the glow of neon.

Monstrous iconic signs from Texaco Gasoline and O’Keefe Ale and Old Vienna Beer greeted international travelers to and fro during an age when crossing the bridge was a friendlier and less intrusive experience.

As Texaco shouted “Welcome to Buffalo” in light, O’Keefe and OV advertised what were then two of the Dominion of Canada’s most popular beers. Old Vienna remained a blue-collar Buffalo favorite through the 1980s, with many taverns offering specials on OV splits — Old Vienna beer in 7-ounce bottles. An O’Keefe sign also graced the top of the Hancock Building in Niagara Falls.

Buffalo News archives


What It Looked Like Wednesday: Elmwood Avenue bridge, 1895

By Steve Cichon

Reconstruction of the Elmwood Avenue bridge over Route 198 is nearing completion after several years of work.

Elmwood Avenue looked a bit different in 1895 when the bridge was first built over Scajaquada Creek. The Buffalo State campus was farmland behind the “State Insane Asylum,” and none of the museums surrounding the bridge had been built yet.

This view looks north. In today’s terms, the photographer would be standing on the Buffalo State campus, and those trees on the other side of the bridge would be where the History Museum—built five years after this photo was taken for the Pan-American Exposition — now stands.

Buffalo Stories archives

Torn-Down Tuesday: The Elk Street Market

By Steve Cichon

Time and circumstance has nearly eliminated knowledge and memory of one of the city’s great institutions.

West Market Street, Elk Street Market. Buffalo Stories archives

In 1904, the Elk Street Market was “the largest fruit and garden truck market in the United States.” The traffic in commodities sold rivaled any similar market on the continent.

Buffalo Stories archives

The market’s size and success was attributed to so many of Buffalo’s immigrants holding onto centuries-old ways and their “adherence to village customs.” German, Italian, and Irish traditions played out all over the four-block long market that ran parallel to Michigan Street, in an area now largely taken up by the Buffalo Creek Casino.

Trying to understand where the market was offers up several red herrings. The first is the name. The market is nowhere near today’s Elk Street.

The part of Elk Street where the market stood is now South Park Avenue. Elk Street once ran from Seneca Street almost to the foot of Main Street. In her blog about Buffalo Streets, Angela Keppel writes that in 1939, South Buffalo businessmen thought it would be a good idea to have a street that runs from South Buffalo to downtown. Elk Street was one of five streets that was carved up to create South Park Avenue.

Buffalo Stories archives

Another red herring is the Elk Street Terminal. Famous now as one of Buffalo’s early reuse condominium projects, it was built at the northern tip of the market and used for the loading and unloading of trucks and trains. The actual market stretched several blocks into the First Ward from the back door of the terminal.

Buffalo Stories archives

It’s actually a double red herring because not only was the terminal a small part of the market away from most of the buying and selling the market was famous for, it’s actually several blocks away from where Elk Street was. It was named after the market (which no longer exists) which was named after the street (which no longer exists.)

Buffalo Stories archives

Thousands of wagons laden with fruit and vegetables paid 15¢ or 25¢ for a spot on the market or took their wares to the terminal to be loaded on trains to be sold around the country. The farmers themselves came from as far as Orchard Park or further south, or as far north as Clarence — but rules prevented Niagara County growers from selling at the market.

During the height of the fruit season, 10,000 bushels were sold a day.

Buffalo Stories archives

The main building also was home to a meat and poultry market, and the fish market was the city’s busiest.

Michigan Avenue just outside the Elk Street Market. Buffalo Stories archives

A fire in the late 1920s and then railroad maneuvering to have most of the larger business of the Elk Terminal moved to the Clinton Bailey Market mostly spelled the end of the Elk Street Market, which continued to hang on as a farmers market through the 1930s.

These views show a 1906 and 2016 view near what is now South Park and Michigan avenues.

Buffalo Stories archives

Buffalo in the ’60s: Bills players stand up to racism

By Steve Cichon

The 1965 American Football League All-Star game was scheduled for 52 years ago this week in New Orleans, but it never happened.

Dave Dixon, who had been trying to bring the AFL to New Orleans, organized the game with promises that there wouldn’t be any problems in the still-segregated city. Players were promised testimonial dinners and golf tournaments, and even told to bring their families. But trouble began as players landed at the airport.

Cabs lined up for the White All-Stars, but the 22 black players weren’t so lucky. A porter called black cabbies from downtown for several players, but there were a few who were picked up by white cabbies — only to be driven out to the boonies before being ordered out of the cab. Bills fullback Cookie Gilchrist was warned by a friendly white cabbie, “Be careful in this town.”

Ten members of the AFL Champion Bills were on the East All-Star team, and Bills Head Coach Lou Saban was East coach. Four of the 10 Bills were black: Cookie Gilchrist, Elbert Dubenion, Butch Byrd and Ernie Warlick.

Bills quarterback Jack Kemp and linebacker Mike Stratton were also among the all-stars, and were joined by their teammate Warlick in the French Quarter. In several different places, Kemp and Stratton — both white — were allowed in, but Warlick was told with hostility that he wasn’t welcome.

In his book “The Birth of the New NFL,” Larry Felser tells the story that Warlick packed his bags after an incident the following morning.

“Warlick was able to order breakfast in the dining room of the hotel, ‘but I lost my appetite when an older woman said loud enough for me to hear, that she didn’t want to eat in the same room with monkeys.’ “

There were many other black players who had similar or worse experiences. Many didn’t want to spent the rest of the week there and play in such an environment.

There were several meetings of players over the coming days. The black players voted at one meeting to skip practice. Then there was a meeting with the game organizers and the NAACP, where Gilchrist did much of the talking.

At a larger meeting, with many players of both races, Bills tight end Warlick was nominated spokesman of the black players. It wasn’t unanimous, but the black players voted to not play.

Immediately after the meeting, Warlick told reporters that the fact that they’d been promised there wouldn’t be any segregation made it that much harder to deal with. Players were told that the better night spots, restaurants and hotels would greet all the players equally with open arms.

“Actually, this came as a complete surprise to us,” Warlick said of the way he and his teammates had been treated. “We were led to believe that we could relax and enjoy ourselves in New Orleans just like other citizens. Maybe if we had been alerted to the fact that we wouldn’t have the run of the town, we could have avoided this unpleasant situation.

“If they had told us this before, we’d have looked specifically for those cabs and sought out our entertainment in those places,” Warlick continued. “But they led us to believe everything was going to be OK. And it wasn’t.”

Kemp was the backup quarterback for the East All-Stars, had just won the AFL Championship with the Bills, and was also the president of the league’s players’ union. He and San Diego Chargers offensive lineman Ron Mix were among the white players at that final meeting. The two agreed to lead white players to stand by their teammates — but not all white players embraced the move. Patriots linebacker (and later Hall of Famer) Nick Buoniconti called the walkout a “raw deal” which “hurt the league a great deal.”

Later a Buffalo congressman, HUD Secretary and vice presidential candidate in 1996, Kemp was also influential in the negotiations to move the game to Houston, where it was played days later.

Immediately following the vote to not play, Gilchrist found a Mexican cabbie to take him to the airport, but snow in the northeast had flights delayed. News of a player revolt came on a TV in the terminal, and “Suddenly, people are all looking at me,” Gilchrist told Murray Olderman of the Jamestown Post-Journal.  “I can sense the hostility. For the first time in my life I’m scared. I’ve been brainwashed about the South.”

He finally got on a flight for New York and was comforted that he was among friends when someone asked him for an autograph.

“We weren’t out to correct anybody,’’ then-Bills cornerback Butch Byrd told the Sporting News in 2015.

“We were just thinking, ‘They’re showing us no respect. This is just pure hatred. We have to get out of here,’ ” said Byrd. “We weren’t thinking about making history, so to speak. We just knew we were treated badly, and we wanted to leave.’’

“The stand the AFL and its players took against the city of New Orleans was unprecedented,” wrote Pro Football Hall of Fame researcher Jon Kendle in a piece for the Hall of Fame’s website.  “The boycott was clearly a milestone event that went beyond the world of sports and was more of a reflection of American society at the time. It helped shine a spotlight on Congress’s ability to enforce the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and proved that if America was to desegregate, the culture needed to change its mindset and adopt a more progressive view of the human race as quickly as possible.”

Buffalo in the ’20s: Elbert Hubbard’s Ali Baba, East Aurora’s village philosopher

By Steve Cichon

Anson Blackman was a farmer and horseman, born in Marilla and later working the East Aurora stables of CJ Hamlin. He was a heavily bearded gentle old man who was a friend to small children and animals.

Roycroft founder Elbert Hubbard hired the unlettered farmhand him to take care of the horses and do handiwork for his burgeoning Arts & Crafts community in East Aurora. Blackman’s job grew to include picking up visitors at the train station, sometimes in an ox cart. It was all a part of “the buildup” for what people might expect at Roycroft, and what would pass as marketing today.

Blackman also helped care for Hubbard’s kids—who when small called him Baba. After filling his pipe with another man’s tobacco, Blackman earned the nickname “Ali” Baba, as taken from the Forty Thieves story. Hubbard began writing about Ali Baba as a sage and salty philosopher, and Blackman’s responsibilities grew from taking care of the animals to being a personal valet and travel companion for Hubbard, who mixed Blackman’s earthy image with plenty of his own thoughts making the character a sort of Hubbard alter ego. Ali Baba appeared on Roycroft postcards, and was a constant presence on the campus for more than three decades.

The tales of Ali Baba first started appearing in print in the 1890s. By the time this photo appeared in The News in 1922, Blackman was world-renown, and throwback to an earlier halcyon time at the East Aurora campus.

Buffalo Stories Archives

Well into his 80s, Blackman was a familiar face in East Aurora, and sought out by visitors. In 1924, The News said he “exemplified the Roycroft spirit.”

Ali does all the talking, you merely listen. He takes you info his den and shows you pictures of the early Roycrofters, the Hubbard family, letters and pictures that men and women famous in art and literature have given him.

One minute he tells you Elbert Hubbard in writing that book has made a burlesque of his life. The next he readily admits he actually said all the quaint bits of philosophy Fra Albertus attributed to him.

Another News article described him this way:

Ali Baba is a great man. There is some reason to believe he regards himself, and not without reason perhaps, as the only sane man associated with the Roycrofters. He was Hubbard’s hired man in the early days of the stock farm. He is a hard headed, broad shouldered, grizzled farmer on whom has grown a great sense of responsibility as he has pondered on the seeming irresponsibility with which he is surrounded.

It’s difficult to parse the Hubbard created anecdotes and the actual item as far as Ali Baba is concerned, a look one story in particular, shared at the time of his death, offers a look at the rough-hewn charm of the real man.

“One day as he was busy around the plant a nice elderly lady came up to him and adjusting her eyeglasses looked “Ali Baba” over and asked: “My good man, will you please tell me what denomination this church is?”

“Baba” whirled around, nettled at such crass ignorance, and exclaimed, “Holy smoke, misses! This ain’t no church. This place does more good than all the dam churches in town—this is the Roycroft Shop!”

Buffalo in the ’20s: The Polish colony ‘out Broadway’

By Steve Cichon

In 1923, there were 181,300 people of Polish extraction living “out Broadway”— the shorthand for what many in Buffalo proper also called “the Polish Colony,” metaphorically centered by St. Stanislaus Church and the Broadway/Fillmore intersection.

The author’s great grandparents were a typical Polish immigrant family in Buffalo in the 1920s. He worked as a laborer for Schoellkopf Chemical (later National Aniline), she ran the home they were able to save enough to buy in 1922, after less than ten years in this country. Aside from their ten children, the small house on Fulton Street was also home to boarders and extended family.

For the rest of the half-million plus people who lived in Buffalo, the Polish were at best a very foreign group whose language and customs seemed swathed in mystery. At worst, the Polish were a hard-working but lesser people who – aside from laboring in factories, mills and foundries – were best to stay in “Polacktown, where there are more children in the streets than in the yards.”

“Trouble in Polacktown” Buffalo Evening News front page, 1883. Buffalo Stories archives

Beth Stewart was among Buffalo’s first female newspaper reporters and later became a feature reporter for the Courier-Express. She married fellow Courier reporter Gordon Hollyer and served as the public relations director for the YMCA through most of the 1950s and ’60s.

St. Stanislaus was established in 1874 with a simple wooden church. The landmark Onondaga limestone structure standing today was built in 1886.

Among her first series of feature reports was a three-part series on “the large and growing Polish colony of Buffalo.” It was a sympathetic and celebratory look at Buffalo’s Polonia, giving many outside the Polish neighborhoods their first opportunity to have a comprehensive understanding of how their Buffalo neighbors lived.

The Polish people were without their own nation for the entire 19th century. Poland was carved up between the Prussian, Russian and Austro-Hungarian Empires.

The first big wave of Polish immigrants to Buffalo came from Prussian Germany after Chancellor Otto von Bismarck made it more difficult for the Roman Catholic ethnic Poles to freely practice their religion.

A wave of Poles from the Austrian province of Galicia started coming to Buffalo in 1882. Russian Poles started arriving en masse in 1905.

Buffalo’s first Polish councilman and later assemblyman James Rozan remembered coming to Buffalo as a boy in 1872. His family was one of a dozen or living in the mostly German Fruit Belt neighborhood.

Fourteen years later, when St. Stanislaus church was built at Peckham and Townsend Streets as Buffalo’s first Polish church in 1886, there were 19,000 Poles in the city, mostly living near St. Stan’s.

By 1923, there were 27 Polish churches for the roughly 380,000 Poles spread across the East Side, Black Rock, Elk Street, Seneca Street, Lackawanna, Dunkirk, Niagara Falls, North Tonawanda, Cheektowaga and Depew.

Without much explanation other than just printing the Polish names without translation, Stewart wrote that the larger Polish community, first built around St. Stan’s, was further split into seven communities that would be readily understood by those who lived among them.

The community in and around St. John Kanty was called Kantowo.

The first was Stanislawowo—members of St. Stanislaus Church. Then was Kantowo, from parishioners of St. John Kanty. Members of St. Adalbert’s were from Wojciechowo, Pietrowo was made up of the members of Holy Apostles Ss. Peter and Paul Church at Clinton and Smith.

St. Casimir’s in Kaisertown made up Kazimierzowo. The community surrounding St. John Gualbert in Cheektowaga was Gwalbertowo. Black Rock was directly translated into Polish as Czarna Skala.

But however far-flung, Broadway and Fillmore remained “the Polish Main Street and Delaware Avenue” for Buffalo’s Polish population. The business district there was equivalent to the main street of a mid-sized northeast city. Polonia boasted 2,930 Polish-owned businesses and 14 community banks.

Right at that intersection was the building created as a hub of Polonia-wide activity. Translated, Dom Polski means “Polish home.” The substantial edifice opened as “The Polish Literary and Assembly Rooms Association, Inc” in 1889, replacing a refashioned barn used for the same purpose for at least a decade before.

Rather than an organization itself, the Dom Polski was the home of the Polish library and fraternal groups like Kolko Polek—the Polish Women’s Circle, Polskich Krawcow—the Polish Tailors, Sokol Polski—The Polish Falcons, Szewcy Polski—The Polish Shoemakers, and the Polish National Alliance.

The Kaisertown Polish community which centered around St. Casimir Church was called Kazimierzowo.

It was a place on a Sunday night where you might find a half-dozen small family dinner parties in the different rooms and men smoking and playing billiards in the library. It was the Polish equivalent of the clubs on Delaware Avenue which routinely denied membership to most Polish-Americans past the middle of the twentieth century.

Much like their uptown counterparts, the members of the various clubs of the Dom Polski worked together to make their community a better place. One such effort was lobbying for a high school for the 6,000 Polish-American children in the Buffalo School system in 1923. They were fighting against the notion that the educational needs of Polish-Americans could be addressed by the city’s vocational schools. In 1926, East High School opened to serve the children of East Buffalo.

East High School, 1930s. Buffalo Stories archives

One of the amplified voices of Buffalo’s Polish population was “Everybody’s Daily,” a Polish newspaper with a circulation of 26,000.

“The paper is a force in the colony,” wrote Stewart. “It has enemies and many friends. It proclaims a policy of honest advertising. It fights for community interests—civic, political, educational, and religious.”

One still familiar institution is the Adam Mickiewicz Literary and Dramatic Circle. It still survives on Fillmore Avenue, but it was once one of many such organizations. Singing societies were also a popular element of Buffalo’s Polonia population in the mid-1920s, and one through which a greater number of Buffalonians were introduced to some Polish customs.

The Aleksander Fredro Literary and Dramatic Circle was a Mickiewicz-like group in Kaisertown. The Moniuszko was Polonia’s first singing society, and in 1923, headquartered at 570 Fillmore. The Chopin singers were at Broadway and Lathrop. There were also the Kalina, Lutnia, Lirnik, Harmonia, and Jutrzenka societies among others.

The Poles of 1923 weren’t just joiners of Polish groups—most of Buffalo’s 4,000 Polish-American World War I vets belonged to the American Legion. Adam Plewacki Post 799 was among the city’s “most active and lively posts,” and 98 percent Polish in membership.

The first home of the Plewacki Post was inside “Unia Polksa,” the Polish Union Hall, 765 Fillmore Avenue. Buffalo Stories archives

Plewacki, who lived on Best Street, was the first Buffalonian killed in World War I. The post named in his honor worked to “cultivate the love of American ideals in foreigners,” working to “Americanize” immigrants beyond just proficiency in English.

If Buffalo’s landed class could appreciate anything about the people of Polonia, it was the way that most worked quickly to buy land, and then maintain and improve property once owned.

“Polish colonists are not merely home owners,” wrote Stewart, “they are improvers of communities. A piece of land is more than a commercial investment to the Polish buyer. It is a plot to be made his own, a place where a home may be built and trees and shrubs set out for beauty.”

“Fillmore Avenue, wide and shaded, set off on both sides by neat residences, is proof of the Polish ability to build up attractive communities.”

Clearly, Beth Stewart thought she was writing to an audience that—if they thought anything at all– thought very little of the Polish people. She wrapped up her 20,000 words worth of reporting with a glowing summary of her expedition “out Broadway.”

“The Poles in Buffalo have achieved much of which they may well feel proud. They built up a great and prosperous community—a city within a city.

“They have given to the city of their adoption distinguished professional men, sober industrious workers, artists, gallant soldiers.

“They have added to the beauty of the city turreted churches, dignified homes, and fine public buildings.

“They have borne themselves in a manner which leaves the city no room for regret that one-third of its population once bore allegiance to a foreign land.”

Buffalo Postcards– Hundreds of ’em

By Steve Cichon

A collection of well over 600 Buffalo Postcards.


Court House. From a series of Buffalo drawings from 1855.

Buffalo Light House

Market House

Niagara Railroad Depot

Sherwood House

First Baptist Church- North Street at N.Pearl

Aerial view of Downtown. Notice there is no Convention Center… Genesee Street goes right to Niagara Square without interruption.

Albright Museum & State Teachers College. Look at all those trees… Now parking lots.

Arnholt’s Restaurant, 299 Washington St. opposite the Ellicott Square Building. Now a parking lot.

Arrival of Fire Dept on Genesee St., Fighting fires with horse & buggy.

Baby Furntiture Store, 1294 Hertel Ave

Buffalo Raceway, under the lights

Bisons Base-Ball Park, Offermann Stadium

Broadway& Fillmore Avenues. This intersection is much more the same than many others, Except the donkey and the trolley tracks. This is standing with your back to downtown looking at the Broadway Market.

Broadway Looking West… Nice trolley

The Broadway Market. Note Kleinhans on the front umbrella.

Buffalo Harbor Showing Coal docks

Harbor Scene: Grain Elevators and Steam Ships

Harbor Scene

Harbor Scene: Real photo this time

The Harbor: ladies in a rowboat

The Ship Channel

Two Lighthouses.

1960s Tug Boats, The Oklahoma and the North Carolina in Buffalo Harbor

Entrance to the Harbor

Another Harbor Scene

The Americana: Sailing between Buffalo and Crystal Beach (more in the Crystal Beach section)

Buffalo Yacht Club

The Dakota Elevator

Buffalo Fire Boat in Action

Same card as previous with different coloring… common in old postcards.

Concrete Grain Elevators

Grain Elevators

Jack Knife Bridge, Kellogg Grain Elevator… This is Michigan Ave, just past the new casino heading away from downtown.

Jack Knife Bridge. Given the number of different postcards I’ve seen of this bridge, It must have been impressive in its day

More Jack Knife Bridge

Jack Knife Bridge

Jack Knife Bridge 1950s, a cool later view

The Buffalo Harbor Lighthouse. One of Buffalo’s oldest still-standing structures.

Two Lighthouses. Again, the more familiar one stil stands across the Harbor from the Hatch

Mouth of the Harbor Using the Lighthouse for bearing, the Aud site is out of site just to the right

NYCRR yards near the waterfront. Train tracks criss-crossed the waterfront area.

New Locks. The old Intl RR Bridge.

Buffalo Harbor Stereocard. Stereocards were placed in a binocular-like device and the images would appear.

Unloading Iron Ore

View from the Harbor. That’s St. Joseph’s Cathedral with the twin spires just right of the middle

After the storm of Jan 20, 1907

Yacht Race with the Yacht Club in the background

Entrance to the Harbor

Entrance to Harbor. Real Photo version of previous card

Buffalo Airport. Built in 1939 as a WPA project, it was expanded in 1955, 1961, 1971, and 1977…

Buffalo Airport. This building was replaced in 1997 by the current terminal. The current building is slightly to the west of where this building stood.

Greater Buffalo International Airport. The Name was changed from Buffalo Municipal Airport when the city handed the airport over to the predecessor to the NFTA in 1959. It became the Buffalo Niagara International Airport in 1996.

Original Terminal. This would eventually be known as the “East Terminal,” with a west terminal built in the 70s to alleviate over crowding.

Buffalo General Hospital.

Buffalo State Hospital. Now known as the HH Richardson complex, located on Forest Ave near Elmwood.

Boarding the Americana. The ferry to Crystal Beach left the foot of Main Street. The Aud and the Metro Rail would be in this shot…

Canadiana At Dock. You’d take the Americana or the Canadiana from the foot of Main to the Dock at Crystal Beach

The Americana coming….

And the Canadiana going…

Entrance Midway Entrance. Crystal Beach thrilled the people of Southern Ontario and Western New York from 1888-1989.

Crystal Beach Midway. Despite 70 years difference, the midway didn’t look all that different when it eventually closed.

Arriving at Crystal Beach

The Crystal Beach Pier in winter

Athletic Field at Crystal Beach. The Coaster in the background was known as the Backety-Back.

Bathers on Crystal Beach

Bathers as the Canadiana approaches

Bathers and Boat

1940s view: Bathers and Canadiana

Buffalo’s Coney Island: Crystal Beach. Close up View of the Backety-Back

Two-level Boardwalk and Pier

Union Station Ride

Children Wading

Real Picture card of Customs House. Taken from either Canadiana or Americana

Customs House

Customs House

After the Customs House on the Pier

The Pier. You can see the deck chairs in this shot.

Crystal Beach Divers. This doesn’t appear safe…

Jolly Bathers at Crystal Beach. Notice the cottages along the beach…

Entrance to the Midway

More from the Midway

Midway. This One’s very familiar to me… Even only with memories of the 80s at CB

Another Midway Scene

Again on the Midway

Razzle Dazzle. An Early amusement that looks to be unsafe.

Moonlight on Lake Erie. What a way to end a Crystal Beach date…

Cazenovia Park Casino. The water is no longer there… This side of the building faces the creek

Casino Closeup

Cazenovia Park. This is at the end of the ball diamonds… Basically a bathroom hut as far as I remember it 25 years ago. This is where our grandpa taught my brother and me to “not touch anything” in the public restrooms.

Cazenovia Bridge. This looks alot like the area below the current Cazenovia St. (not Pkwy) Bridge…

Cazenovia Park 1922.

Central Terminal. Here are several views of the building’s exterior…

Central Terminal

Central Terminal

Central Terminal

Central Terminal Cocktail Lounge. Inside the attractive Martin’s Restaurant

Central Terminal Lunch Counters

Central Terminal Main Concourse

Central Terminal Main Entrance

Chamber of Commerce Bldg

Childrens Hospital. Nice Tin Lizzy there…

Chippewa at Delaware. To get this view, stand in Starbucks Parking lot… The rounded building is Bada Bing these days… The Hampton Inn is now across the street.

Chippewa & Main. For this view now, as you drive up Chippewa from the 33 towards the bars, look to the right as you cross the Metro rail tracks. Note the Buffalo Marquee…

Chippewa%2CWashinton%2CGenesee Chippewa, Washinton, & Genesee Sts. This intersection looks as confusing then as it does now. I don’t think any of that clump of buildings is still there… All parking lots or the M&T Building across from TGI Friday’s.

Chippewa Market. The Chippewa Market is now the parking lot across Washington from TGI Fridays.

Chippewa Market. Look for St Michael’s church the next time your stopped at Chippewa and Washington.

Chippewa Market

Chippewa Market

Chippewa Washington Market

City Trust Company Building. Shelton Square, Main at Niagara.

Civic Stadium, aka The Rockpile. Before the second level was added.

Civil War Arch

Civil War Arch Close Up

Clay Robinson Co of East Buffalo

Club 31

Commodore Perry on Lake Erie

Continental Inn

Corner Niagara & Franklin

CornerPearl%26WTupper Corner Pearl & West Tupper

Buffalo Country Club

Courier express Birthday Club

Courier Express Bldg (Now the Building houses the Catholic Diocesan Offices

Sheas Theatre on Court St. Condemned to make way for Liberty Building

Sheas on Court Street

CourtSt Sheas

DL&W Terminal

DL&W Terminal

DL&W trolley car

Days Park

Days Park

Deaconess Hopsital 1914

Buffalo Harbor

311 Delaware Ave: Chez Ami

Same Chez Ami image… this one actual photo

Chez Ami back

Chez Ami. Other side of the bar

Delaware Ave Delaware–Buffalo–Park

Delaware–Buffalo–Park Delaware Park

DelawareAve%26North Delaware Ave at North

Delaware Ave Homes

Delaware Ave Homes

Delaware Ave Homes

Delaware Ave At Chippewa

Delaware Ave At Edward

Delaware Ave At Johnson Park. Mayor Johnson’s House is long gone.

Bishop Colton’s House, Now Blessed Sacrament Church’s Rectory, just north of W Utica

Bishop Colton’s House

Bridge Over Delaware Ave. Under Scajaquada Parkway then, now Scajaquada Expressway

Buffalo Club

Buffalo Club

Erie County Jail

Ford Hotel, Delaware at Chippewa.

Hotel Touraine

Hotel Touraine

Delaware Ave at Kenmore

Delaware Ave North From Summer

Delaware Ave North From Summer

Delaware Ave North from North

Temple Beth Zion. This building burned to the ground, the current temple was built down the street.

Wilcox House. President Roosevelt was inaugurated here following President McKinley’s death further up Delaware at the Milburn Home.

Wilcox Mansion

Delaware Ave at North Hotel Lenox

Delaware Park & Art Gallery

Albright Art Gallery Back Steps

Delaware Park & Albright Gallery Cars

DelawarePark & Albright Gallery

Delaware Park Band Concert

Delaware Park Bands

Delaware Park Boys

Delaware Park Bridge

Delaware Park Canoeing

Delaware Park Casino

Delaware Park Casino

Delaware Park Concert Day

Delaware Park David

Delaware Park Delaware Ave Bridge

Delaware Ave Bridge

Delaware Park Elmwood Ave Bridge

Delaware Park Elmwood Bridge

Delaware Park Erza Meeker

Delaware Park Ice skating

Delaware Park Ivy

Delaware Park Ivy

Delaware Park Lake & Cars

Delaware Park

Delaware Park Lily

Delaware Park Rumsey Park

S-curves Delaware Park

S-curves Delaware Park

Delaware Park Step

Delaware Park

Delaware Park boaters

Delaware Park

Delaware Park Canoeing

Delaware Park Casino

Delaware Park Lake

Delaware Park near Lake

Delaware Park on the lake

Delaware Park view From Casino

St Josephs New Cathedral

Depew Central High

DiBello Pontiac 12600 Main St

East Aurora Main St

East Aurora Roycroft Dining Rm

Electric Building

Electric Bldg

Electric Bldg

Electric Bldg At Nite

Elk St Business District

Elk St Market

Elk St Market

Elk St Market


EllicottSq1 Ellicott SquareElkStBusinessDist
EllicottSq2 EllicottSq2

EllicottSq2 Ellicott SquareElkStBusinessDist
EllicottSq3 EllicottSq3

EllicottSq3 Ellicott SquareElkStBusinessDist
EllicottSq4 EllicottSq4

EllicottSq4 Ellicott SquareElkStBusinessDist
EllicottSq5 EllicottSq5

EllicottSq5 Ellicott SquareElkStBusinessDist
EllicottSq6 EllicottSq6

EllicottSq6 Ellicott SquareElkStBusinessDist
Elmwood%26NorthChurch Elmwood&NorthChurch

Elmwood%26NorthChurch Elmwood & North ChurchElkStBusinessDist
ErieCanal2 ErieCanal2

ErieCanal2 Erie CanalElkStBusinessDist
ErieCanal3 ErieCanal3

ErieCanal3 Erie CanalElkStBusinessDist
ErieCoJail ErieCoJail

ErieCoJail Erie County JailElkStBusinessDist
FentonsPekin FentonsPekin

FentonsPekin Fentons Pekin RestaurantElkStBusinessDist
FerryLandingFtErie FerryLandingFtErie

FerryLandingFtErie Ferry Landing Fort ErieElkStBusinessDist
FerryStLiftBridge FerryStLiftBridge

FerryStLiftBridge Ferry St Lift BridgeElkStBusinessDist
FerryStfoot FerryStfoot

FerryStfoot Foot of Ferry StElkStBusinessDist
Forestlawn Forestlawn

Forestlawn Forest Lawn CemetaryElkStBusinessDist
FrBakersBoysHome FrBakersBoysHome

FrBakersBoysHome Fr Baker’s Boys HomeElkStBusinessDist
Franklin%26NiagaraSts Franklin&NiagaraSts

Franklin%26NiagaraSts Franklin & Niagara StsElkStBusinessDist
Freddies30yrs Freddies30yrs

Freddies30yrs Freddies DoughnutsElkStBusinessDist
Celebrating 30 yearsFreddiesOlder FreddiesOlder

FreddiesOlder Freddies DonutsElkStBusinessDist
Slightly older judging by the cars… Front Front

Front The FrontElkStBusinessDist
Front2 Front2

Front2 The FrontElkStBusinessDist
Front3 Front3

Front3 The FrontElkStBusinessDist
FrontBandStand FrontBandStand

FrontBandStand The Front Band StandElkStBusinessDist
FrontDriving FrontDriving

FrontDriving The Front… DrivingElkStBusinessDist
FrontierTelephone FrontierTelephone

FrontierTelephone Frontier TelephoneElkStBusinessDist
FtErieBeach FtErieBeach

FtErieBeach Ft Erie BeachElkStBusinessDist
FtPorter1 FtPorter1

FtPorter1 Fort PorterElkStBusinessDist
stood where the Peace Bridge stands FtPorterCastle FtPorterCastle

FtPorterCastle Ft Porter CastleElkStBusinessDist
FtPorterCastle2 FtPorterCastle2

FtPorterCastle2 Ft Porter CastleElkStBusinessDist
GatesCircle1 GatesCircle1

GatesCircle1 Gates CircleElkStBusinessDist
EB Green designed GatesCircle3 GatesCircle3

GatesCircle3 Gates CircleElkStBusinessDist
GatesCircle4 GatesCircle4

GatesCircle4 Gates CircleElkStBusinessDist
GeneralViewofBuffalo GeneralViewofBuffalo

GeneralViewofBuffalo General View of BuffaloElkStBusinessDist
Genesee%2CChippewa%26Washington Genesee,Chippewa&Washington

Genesee%2CChippewa%26Washington Genesee, Chippewa & WashingtonElkStBusinessDist
GeneseeHouseHotel GeneseeHouseHotel

GeneseeHouseHotel Genesee House HotelElkStBusinessDist
GeneseePearlMohawkEDWARDS GeneseePearlMohawkEDWARDS

GeneseePearlMohawkEDWARDS EdwardsElkStBusinessDist
at Genesee, Pearl, and Mohawk GeneseeStBeforeconvCenter GeneseeStBeforeconvCenter

GeneseeStBeforeconvCenter Genesee St Before convention CenterElkStBusinessDist
GeneseeStLookingEast GeneseeStLookingEast

GeneseeStLookingEast Genesee St Looking EastElkStBusinessDist
GeneseeStMajesticTheatre GeneseeStMajesticTheatre

GeneseeStMajesticTheatre Genesee St Majestic TheatreElkStBusinessDist
GeneseeStNoElectBldg GeneseeStNoElectBldg

GeneseeStNoElectBldg Genesee St: No Electric BldgElkStBusinessDist
GlenParkCasino GlenParkCasino

GlenParkCasino Glen Park CasinoElkStBusinessDist
Grant%26Ferry Grant&Ferry

Grant%26Ferry Grant & FerryElkStBusinessDist
GreaterBuffaloSteamShip GreaterBuffaloSteamShip

GreaterBuffaloSteamShip Greater Buffalo SteamShipElkStBusinessDist
HahnemanHospital HahnemanHospital

HahnemanHospital Hahneman HospitalElkStBusinessDist
HertelAve HertelAve

HertelAve Hertel AveElkStBusinessDist
HertelHolyAngels1908 HertelHolyAngels1908

HertelHolyAngels1908 Hertel Holy Angels 1908ElkStBusinessDist
HistoricalBldg HistoricalBldg

HistoricalBldg Historical BldgElkStBusinessDist
HistoricalBldgNOSCAJ HistoricalBldgNOSCAJ

HistoricalBldgNOSCAJ Historical BldgElkStBusinessDist
No 198 Expressway…. HomeopathicHospital HomeopathicHospital

HomeopathicHospital Homeopathic HospitalElkStBusinessDist
HotelAvonExchange%26Ellicott HotelAvonExchange&Ellicott

HotelAvonExchange%26Ellicott Hotel Avon Exchange & EllicottElkStBusinessDist
HotelBrozelSeneca%26Wells HotelBrozelSeneca&Wells

HotelBrozelSeneca%26Wells Hotel Brozel Seneca & WellsElkStBusinessDist
HotelBuffalo-statlerArborRo HotelBuffalo-statlerArborRo

HotelBuffalo-statlerArborRo Hotel Buffalo (statler) Arbor Room ElkStBusinessDist
HotelBuffalo-statlerSwan%26W2 HotelBuffalo-statlerSwan&W2

HotelBuffalo-statlerSwan%26W2 Hotel Buffalo (statler) Swan & WashingtonElkStBusinessDist
HotelBuffalo-statlerSwan%26Wa HotelBuffalo-statlerSwan&Wa

HotelBuffalo-statlerSwan%26Wa Hotel Buffalo statler Swan & WashingtonElkStBusinessDist
HotelIroquois1 HotelIroquois1

HotelIroquois1 Hotel IroquoisElkStBusinessDist
HotelIroquois2 HotelIroquois2

HotelIroquois2 Hotel IroquoisElkStBusinessDist
HotelLafayette HotelLafayette

HotelLafayette Hotel LafayetteElkStBusinessDist
HotelLafayette2 HotelLafayette2

HotelLafayette2 Hotel LafayetteElkStBusinessDist
HotelLafayetteLobby HotelLafayetteLobby

HotelLafayetteLobby Hotel Lafayette LobbyElkStBusinessDist
HotelLafayetteRestaurant HotelLafayetteRestaurant

HotelLafayetteRestaurant Hotel Lafayette RestaurantElkStBusinessDist
HotelLenox HotelLenox

HotelLenox Hotel LenoxElkStBusinessDist
HotelRaliegh HotelRaliegh

HotelRaliegh Hotel RalieghElkStBusinessDist
HotelStuyvesant HotelStuyvesant

HotelStuyvesant Hotel StuyvesantElkStBusinessDist
Humboldt5 Humboldt5

Humboldt5 Humboldt ParkElkStBusinessDist
The Wading Pool, now famously known as te MLK Splash Pad HumboldtPark1 HumboldtPark1

HumboldtPark1 Humboldt ParkElkStBusinessDist
Now known as Martin Luther King Park HumboldtPark2 HumboldtPark2

HumboldtPark2 Humboldt ParkElkStBusinessDist
HumboldtPark3 HumboldtPark3

HumboldtPark3 Humboldt ParkElkStBusinessDist
HumboldtPark4 HumboldtPark4

HumboldtPark4 Humboldt ParkElkStBusinessDist
HumboldtPark5 HumboldtPark5

HumboldtPark5 Humboldt ParkElkStBusinessDist
HumboldtParkFountain HumboldtParkFountain

HumboldtParkFountain Humboldt Park FountainElkStBusinessDist
Really?!? A Postcard depicting a water fountain!?!ImmaculateHeartSchool ImmaculateHeartSchool

ImmaculateHeartSchool Immaculate Heart SchoolElkStBusinessDist
ImmaculateHearthome ImmaculateHearthome

ImmaculateHearthome Immaculate Heart homeElkStBusinessDist
IntlBridge IntlBridge

IntlBridge International BridgeElkStBusinessDist
IntlBridge2 IntlBridge2

IntlBridge2 International BridgeElkStBusinessDist
IntlRailwayCoStation IntlRailwayCoStation

IntlRailwayCoStation International Railway Company StationElkStBusinessDist
IroqouisBroadway%26PrattLONGC IroqouisBroadway&PrattLONGC

IroqouisBroadway%26PrattLONGC Iroqouis Brewery Broadway & Pratt /u>ElkStBusinessDist
IroquoisRathskellar IroquoisRathskellar

IroquoisRathskellar Iroquois RathskellarElkStBusinessDist
JJallen%26Co608William JJallen&Co608William

JJallen%26Co608William JJ Allen & Co 608 William StElkStBusinessDist
Kenilworth1 Kenilworth1

Kenilworth1 Kenilworth Race TrackElkStBusinessDist
This was on the Tonawanda side of the Kenmore Ave/Niagara Falls Blvd intersection Kenilworth2 Kenilworth2

Kenilworth2 Kenilworth Race TrackElkStBusinessDist
Kenilworth3 Kenilworth3

Kenilworth3 KenilworthElkStBusinessDist
KleinhansHatDept KleinhansHatDept

KleinhansHatDept Kleinhans Hat DeptElkStBusinessDist
LackawannaSteel LackawannaSteel

LackawannaSteel Lackawanna SteelElkStBusinessDist
LafayetteSq LafayetteSq

LafayetteSq Lafayette SqElkStBusinessDist
LafayetteSq1 LafayetteSq1

LafayetteSq1 Lafayette SquareElkStBusinessDist
Horse drawn carraiges & trolleys LafayetteSq2 LafayetteSq2

LafayetteSq2 Lafayette SquareElkStBusinessDist
up Broadway… LafayetteSq3 LafayetteSq3

LafayetteSq3 Lafayette SquareElkStBusinessDist
Old Library and Model Ts.LafayetteSq4 LafayetteSq4

LafayetteSq4 Lafayette SquareElkStBusinessDist
1940s LookLafayetteSq6NotMuchDiff LafayetteSq6NotMuchDiff

LafayetteSq6NotMuchDiff Lafayette SqElkStBusinessDist
Pretty close to today… Trade trolleys for Metro rail LafayetteSq7ShowsKleinshans LafayetteSq7ShowsKleinshans

LafayetteSq7ShowsKleinshans Lafayette Sq Shows KleinhansElkStBusinessDist
LafayetteSq9 LafayetteSq9

LafayetteSq9 Lafayette SqElkStBusinessDist
LafayetteSqCars%26Libary LafayetteSqCars&Libary

LafayetteSqCars%26Libary Lafayette Sq Cars & LibaryElkStBusinessDist
LafayetteSqEarlyCars LafayetteSqEarlyCars

LafayetteSqEarlyCars Lafayette Sq Early CarsElkStBusinessDist
LafayetteSqLibrary1 LafayetteSqLibrary1

LafayetteSqLibrary1 Lafayette Sq LibraryElkStBusinessDist
LafayetteSqOlder LafayetteSqOlder

LafayetteSqOlder Lafayette Sq OlderElkStBusinessDist
LafayetteSqSoldiersandSail2 LafayetteSqSoldiersandSail2

LafayetteSqSoldiersandSail2 Lafayette Sq Soldiers and Sailors memorialElkStBusinessDist
LafayetteSqSoldiersandSailo LafayetteSqSoldiersandSailo

LafayetteSqSoldiersandSailo Lafayette Sq Soldiers and Sailors MonumentElkStBusinessDist
LafayetteSqTheatreLobby LafayetteSqTheatreLobby

LafayetteSqTheatreLobby Lafayette Sq Theatre LobbyElkStBusinessDist
LafayetteSqfrHotelShowsThea LafayetteSqfrHotelShowsThea

LafayetteSqfrHotelShowsThea Lafayette Sq fr HotelElkStBusinessDist
Shows TheatreLafayetteSqlooksatCourt LafayetteSqlooksatCourt

LafayetteSqlooksatCourt Lafayette Sq looks at CourtElkStBusinessDist
Lafayettesq8 Lafayettesq8

Lafayettesq8 Lafayette sqElkStBusinessDist
LakeErieNovelty LakeErieNovelty

LakeErieNovelty Lake Erie NoveltyElkStBusinessDist
Lancasterdowntown Lancasterdowntown

Lancasterdowntown Lancaster downtownElkStBusinessDist
Larkin1910 Larkin1910

Larkin1910 Larkin 1910ElkStBusinessDist
Larkin2 Larkin2

Larkin2 LarkinElkStBusinessDist
Larkin3 Larkin3

Larkin3 LarkinElkStBusinessDist
LarkinDouble LarkinDouble

LarkinDouble Larkin DoubleElkStBusinessDist
LarkinDouble2 LarkinDouble2

LarkinDouble2 Larkin DoubleElkStBusinessDist
Laubes1 Laubes1

Laubes1 Laubes RestaurantElkStBusinessDist
LeonardosDiningRm%26Bar LeonardosDiningRm&Bar

LeonardosDiningRm%26Bar Leonardos Dining Room & BarElkStBusinessDist
LilyanDubelsHaciendaUnionrd LilyanDubelsHaciendaUnionrd

LilyanDubelsHaciendaUnionrd Lilyan Dubel’s Hacienda Union RdElkStBusinessDist
LincolnPkwy-Horse LincolnPkwy-Horse

LincolnPkwy-Horse Lincoln Pkwy HorseElkStBusinessDist
Lorenzos386Pearl1 Lorenzos386Pearl1

Lorenzos386Pearl1 Lorenzos 386 Pearl StElkStBusinessDist
Lorenzos386Pearl2 Lorenzos386Pearl2

Lorenzos386Pearl2 Lorenzos 386 Pearl StElkStBusinessDist
Main%26Chippewa Main&Chippewa

Main%26Chippewa Main & ChippewaElkStBusinessDist
MainSt1 MainSt1

MainSt1 Main St ElkStBusinessDist
MainSt11 MainSt11

MainSt11 Main St ElkStBusinessDist
MainSt12 MainSt12

MainSt12 Main St ElkStBusinessDist
MainSt13 MainSt13

MainSt13 Main StElkStBusinessDist
MainSt14 MainSt14

MainSt14 Main StElkStBusinessDist
MainSt16 MainSt16

MainSt16 Main StElkStBusinessDist
MainSt17 MainSt17

MainSt17 Main StElkStBusinessDist
MainSt1970s MainSt1970s

MainSt1970s Main St 1970sElkStBusinessDist
MainSt2 MainSt2

MainSt2 Main StElkStBusinessDist
MainSt3 MainSt3

MainSt3 Main StElkStBusinessDist
MainSt6 MainSt6

MainSt6 Main StElkStBusinessDist
MainSt7 MainSt7

MainSt7 Main StElkStBusinessDist
MainSt8 MainSt8

MainSt8 Main StElkStBusinessDist
MainStAtCourt2 MainStAtCourt2

MainStAtCourt2 Main St At CourtElkStBusinessDist
MainStAtHuronlookingNorth MainStAtHuronlookingNorth

MainStAtHuronlookingNorth Main St At Huron looking NorthElkStBusinessDist
MainStAtNiagara MainStAtNiagara

MainStAtNiagara Main St At NiagaraElkStBusinessDist
MainStAtNite MainStAtNite

MainStAtNite Main St At NiteElkStBusinessDist
MainStAud1 MainStAud1

MainStAud1 Main St AudElkStBusinessDist
MainStAud2 MainStAud2

MainStAud2 Main St AudElkStBusinessDist
MainStAud3 MainStAud3

MainStAud3 Main St AudElkStBusinessDist
MainStAud4 MainStAud4

MainStAud4 Main St AudElkStBusinessDist
MainStBfloSavingBank MainStBfloSavingBank

MainStBfloSavingBank Main St Buffalo Saving BankElkStBusinessDist
MainStBoatLoading MainStBoatLoading

MainStBoatLoading Main St Boat LoadingElkStBusinessDist
MainStEllicottSq MainStEllicottSq

MainStEllicottSq Main St Ellicott SqElkStBusinessDist
MainStEllicottSq2 MainStEllicottSq2

MainStEllicottSq2 Main St Ellicott SqElkStBusinessDist
MainStEllicottSq3 MainStEllicottSq3

MainStEllicottSq3 Main St Ellicott SqElkStBusinessDist
MainStEllicottSq4 MainStEllicottSq4

MainStEllicottSq4 Main St Ellicott SqElkStBusinessDist
MainStFoot MainStFoot

MainStFoot Main St FootElkStBusinessDist
MainStGrants MainStGrants

MainStGrants Main St GrantsElkStBusinessDist
MainStHengers MainStHengers

MainStHengers Main St HengerersElkStBusinessDist
MainStHuylers566Main MainStHuylers566Main

MainStHuylers566Main Main St Huylers 566 Main StElkStBusinessDist
MainStInvalidsHotel665Main MainStInvalidsHotel665Main

MainStInvalidsHotel665Main Main St Invalids Hotel 665 Main StElkStBusinessDist
MainStJNadam383Main MainStJNadam383Main

MainStJNadam383Main Main St JN Adam 383 MainElkStBusinessDist
MainStJNadams MainStJNadams

MainStJNadams Main St JN AdamsElkStBusinessDist
MainStKeitschFlower810Mains MainStKeitschFlower810Mains

MainStKeitschFlower810Mains Main St Keitsch Flower 810 Main StElkStBusinessDist
MainStKirschners189Main2 MainStKirschners189Main2

MainStKirschners189Main2 Main St Kirschners 189 Main StElkStBusinessDist
MainStLaubes MainStLaubes

MainStLaubes Main St LaubesElkStBusinessDist
MainStLaubesOldSpain660MainSt MainStLaubesOldSpain660MainSt

MainStLaubesOldSpain660MainSt Main St Laubes Old Spain 660 Main StElkStBusinessDist
MainStLookingSouth2 MainStLookingSouth2

MainStLookingSouth2 Main St Looking SouthElkStBusinessDist
MainStMacDoels MainStMacDoels

MainStMacDoels Main St MacDoelsElkStBusinessDist
MainStMeldrums460Main MainStMeldrums460Main

MainStMeldrums460Main Main St Meldrums 460 MainElkStBusinessDist
MainStMiossVincentsTeaRm534 MainStMiossVincentsTeaRm534

MainStMiossVincentsTeaRm534 Main St Miss Vincents Tea Rm 534 Main StElkStBusinessDist
MainStNorthfromCourt MainStNorthfromCourt

MainStNorthfromCourt Main St North from CourtElkStBusinessDist
MainStOldMTbuilding MainStOldMTbuilding

MainStOldMTbuilding Main St Old M&T buildingElkStBusinessDist
MainStPoppenbergMotors674Ma MainStPoppenbergMotors674Ma

MainStPoppenbergMotors674Ma Main St Poppenberg Motors 674 Main StElkStBusinessDist
MainStSheltonSq MainStSheltonSq

MainStSheltonSq Main St Shelton SquareElkStBusinessDist
MainStSistersHospital MainStSistersHospital

MainStSistersHospital Main St Sisters HospitalElkStBusinessDist
MainStSouthfromLafayetteSq MainStSouthfromLafayetteSq

MainStSouthfromLafayetteSq Main St South from Lafayette SqElkStBusinessDist
MainStTheUniversity MainStTheUniversity

MainStTheUniversity Main St The UniversityElkStBusinessDist
MainStTravelodge MainStTravelodge

MainStTravelodge Main St TravelodgeElkStBusinessDist
MainStWilliamsvilleNursery MainStWilliamsvilleNursery

MainStWilliamsvilleNursery Main St Williamsville NurseryElkStBusinessDist
MainStatCourt MainStatCourt

MainStatCourt Main St at CourtElkStBusinessDist
MainStatCourt4 MainStatCourt4

MainStatCourt4 Main St at Court StElkStBusinessDist
MainStatCourt5 MainStatCourt5

MainStatCourt5 Main St at Court StElkStBusinessDist
MainStatCourtSt MainStatCourtSt

MainStatCourtSt Main St at Court StElkStBusinessDist
MainStatGenesee MainStatGenesee

MainStatGenesee Main St at GeneseeElkStBusinessDist
MainStatGenesee2 MainStatGenesee2

MainStatGenesee2 Main St at GeneseeElkStBusinessDist
MainStatGenesee3 MainStatGenesee3

MainStatGenesee3 Main St at GeneseeElkStBusinessDist
MainStatHuron MainStatHuron

MainStatHuron Main St at HuronElkStBusinessDist
MainStatHuron2 MainStatHuron2

MainStatHuron2 Main St at HuronElkStBusinessDist
MainStatNiagara2 MainStatNiagara2

MainStatNiagara2 Main St at Niagara StElkStBusinessDist
MainStatNiagara3 MainStatNiagara3

MainStatNiagara3 Main St at NiagaraElkStBusinessDist
MainStatSeneca2 MainStatSeneca2

MainStatSeneca2 Main St at SenecaElkStBusinessDist
MainStatSeneca3 MainStatSeneca3

MainStatSeneca3 Main St at SenecaElkStBusinessDist
MainStatUticaHotelMarkeen MainStatUticaHotelMarkeen

MainStatUticaHotelMarkeen Main St at Utica Hotel MarkeenElkStBusinessDist
MainStathletic-park MainStathletic-park

MainStathletic-park Main St Athletic ParkElkStBusinessDist
The was at the Triangular Island at Main & Jefferson MainStathletic-park-2 MainStathletic-park-2

MainStathletic-park-2 Main St Athletic ParkElkStBusinessDist
MainStfleischmannsrathskell MainStfleischmannsrathskell

MainStfleischmannsrathskell Main St Fleischmanns RathskellerElkStBusinessDist
MainStfromCourt MainStfromCourt

MainStfromCourt Main St from CourtElkStBusinessDist
MainStfromLafayetteSq MainStfromLafayetteSq

MainStfromLafayetteSq Main St from Lafayette SqElkStBusinessDist
MainStfromSheltonSq MainStfromSheltonSq

MainStfromSheltonSq Main St from Shelton SqElkStBusinessDist
MainatGeneseeSt MainatGeneseeSt

MainatGeneseeSt Main at Genesee StElkStBusinessDist
MarineNatlBank MarineNatlBank

MarineNatlBank Marine Natl BankElkStBusinessDist
MarketBroadway1 MarketBroadway1

MarketBroadway1 Market BroadwayElkStBusinessDist
MarketClinton%26Broadway MarketClinton&Broadway

MarketClinton%26Broadway Market Clinton & BroadwayElkStBusinessDist
MastenHighSchool MastenHighSchool

MastenHighSchool Masten High SchoolElkStBusinessDist
McKinleyMonument McKinleyMonument

McKinleyMonument McKinley MonumentElkStBusinessDist
McLeodHotel McLeodHotel

McLeodHotel McLeod HotelElkStBusinessDist
Milburn2 Milburn2

Milburn2 Milburn HotelElkStBusinessDist
Milburn3 Milburn3

Milburn3 Milburn HotelElkStBusinessDist
MillardFillmore1 MillardFillmore1

MillardFillmore1 Millard Fillmore HouseElkStBusinessDist
MillardFillmore2 MillardFillmore2

MillardFillmore2 Millard Fillmore HouseElkStBusinessDist
ModernWoodmenForestersEncam ModernWoodmenForestersEncam

ModernWoodmenForestersEncam Modern Woodmen Foresters EncampmentElkStBusinessDist
ModernWoodmenForestersParad ModernWoodmenForestersParad

ModernWoodmenForestersParad Modern Woodmen Foresters ParadeElkStBusinessDist
MohawkManor MohawkManor

MohawkManor Mohawk ManorElkStBusinessDist
MohawkMotorInn MohawkMotorInn

MohawkMotorInn Mohawk Motor InnElkStBusinessDist
MoreVotYouSee MoreVotYouSee

MoreVotYouSee More Vot You SeeElkStBusinessDist
NYcentralDepot2 NYcentralDepot2

NYcentralDepot2 NY Central DepotElkStBusinessDist
NYcentralDepot3 NYcentralDepot3

NYcentralDepot3 NY central DepotElkStBusinessDist
NYcentralDepot4 NYcentralDepot4

NYcentralDepot4 NY Central DepotElkStBusinessDist
NiaSq2 NiaSq2

NiaSq2 Niagara SquareElkStBusinessDist
NiaSq3 NiaSq3

NiaSq3 Niagara SquareElkStBusinessDist
NiaSq4 NiaSq4

NiaSq4 Niagara SquareElkStBusinessDist
NiaSq5 NiaSq5

NiaSq5 Niagara SquareElkStBusinessDist
NiaSq6 NiaSq6

NiaSq6 Niagara SquareElkStBusinessDist
NiaSq7 NiaSq7

NiaSq7 Niagara SquareElkStBusinessDist
NiaSq8 NiaSq8

NiaSq8 Niagara SquareElkStBusinessDist
NiaSqBirdsEye NiaSqBirdsEye

NiaSqBirdsEye Niagara Square Birds EyeElkStBusinessDist
CentralHighSchool CentralHighSchool

CentralHighSchool Buffalo’s Central High SchoolElkStBusinessDist
On Niagara Square, was torn down to build the State Office Building.NiaSqNoConvCtr NiaSqNoConvCtr

NiaSqNoConvCtr Niagara SquareElkStBusinessDist
No Convention Center Blocking up Genesee NiagaraFallsAeroCar NiagaraFallsAeroCar

NiagaraFallsAeroCar Niagara Falls Aero CarElkStBusinessDist
NiagaraFallsBlvdGardenMotel NiagaraFallsBlvdGardenMotel

NiagaraFallsBlvdGardenMotel Niagara Falls Blvd Garden MotelElkStBusinessDist
NiagaraFallsBorckHotel NiagaraFallsBorckHotel

NiagaraFallsBorckHotel Niagara Falls Brock HotelElkStBusinessDist
NiagaraFallsBuffalotrolley NiagaraFallsBuffalotrolley

NiagaraFallsBuffalotrolley Niagara Falls Buffalo trolleyElkStBusinessDist
NiagaraFallsFalls NiagaraFallsFalls

NiagaraFallsFalls Niagara Falls ElkStBusinessDist
NiagaraFallsFallsSt NiagaraFallsFallsSt

NiagaraFallsFallsSt Niagara Falls Falls StElkStBusinessDist
NiagaraFallsFallsSt1949 NiagaraFallsFallsSt1949

NiagaraFallsFallsSt1949 Niagara Falls Falls St 1949ElkStBusinessDist
NiagaraFallsFallsSt2 NiagaraFallsFallsSt2

NiagaraFallsFallsSt2 Niagara Falls Falls StElkStBusinessDist
NiagaraFallsFallsSt3 NiagaraFallsFallsSt3

NiagaraFallsFallsSt3 Niagara Falls Falls StElkStBusinessDist
NiagaraFallsFallsStAtNite NiagaraFallsFallsStAtNite

NiagaraFallsFallsStAtNite Niagara Falls Falls St At NiteElkStBusinessDist
NiagaraFallsHotelMarconi NiagaraFallsHotelMarconi

NiagaraFallsHotelMarconi Niagara Falls Hotel MarconiElkStBusinessDist
NiagaraFallsMaidofMist NiagaraFallsMaidofMist

NiagaraFallsMaidofMist Niagara Falls Maid of the MistElkStBusinessDist
NiagaraFallsOntMcGibbonsInn NiagaraFallsOntMcGibbonsInn

NiagaraFallsOntMcGibbonsInn Niagara Falls Ont McGibbons InnElkStBusinessDist
NiagaraFallsProspectPoint NiagaraFallsProspectPoint

NiagaraFallsProspectPoint Niagara Falls Prospect PointElkStBusinessDist
NiagaraFallsSheddedWheat2 NiagaraFallsSheddedWheat2

NiagaraFallsSheddedWheat2 Niagara Falls Shedded WheatElkStBusinessDist
NiagaraFallsSkyline NiagaraFallsSkyline

NiagaraFallsSkyline Niagara Falls SkylineElkStBusinessDist
NiagaraFallsTemperanceHouse NiagaraFallsTemperanceHouse

NiagaraFallsTemperanceHouse Niagara Falls Temperance HouseElkStBusinessDist
NiagaraFallsWinterScene NiagaraFallsWinterScene

NiagaraFallsWinterScene Niagara Falls Winter SceneElkStBusinessDist
NiagaraSq1 NiagaraSq1

NiagaraSq1 Niagara SquareElkStBusinessDist
Ninos18Goodell Ninos18Goodell

Ninos18Goodell Ninos 18 GoodellElkStBusinessDist
North-at-Delaware North-at-Delaware

North-at-Delaware North at DelawareElkStBusinessDist
OffermannStadiumMich%26woodla OffermannStadiumMich&woodla

OffermannStadiumMich%26woodla Offermann Stadium Michigan StElkStBusinessDist
OldCityHall1 OldCityHall1

OldCityHall1 Old CityHallElkStBusinessDist
OldCityHall3 OldCityHall3

OldCityHall3 Old City HallElkStBusinessDist
OldCityHall5 OldCityHall5

OldCityHall5 Old City HallElkStBusinessDist
OldHomeWeek1907 OldHomeWeek1907

OldHomeWeek1907 Old Home Week 1907ElkStBusinessDist
PanAmBandStndExposPrkSep1901 PanAmBandStndExposPrkSep1901

PanAmBandStndExposPrkSep1901 Pan Am Band Stand Expos Park Sep 1901ElkStBusinessDist
PanAmCigarBooth PanAmCigarBooth

PanAmCigarBooth Pan Am Cigar BoothElkStBusinessDist
PanAmElectric2 PanAmElectric2

PanAmElectric2 Pan Am Electric BuildingElkStBusinessDist
PanAmElectricyBldg PanAmElectricyBldg

PanAmElectricyBldg Pan Am Electric BldgElkStBusinessDist
PanAmEthnologyBuildings PanAmEthnologyBuildings

PanAmEthnologyBuildings Pan Am Ethnology BuildingsElkStBusinessDist
PanAmMachinery%26Transportati PanAmMachinery&Transportati

PanAmMachinery%26Transportati Pan Am Machinery & Transportation BldgElkStBusinessDist
PanAmManufactures PanAmManufactures

PanAmManufactures Pan Am Manufactures BuildingElkStBusinessDist
PanAmMinesHorticulture PanAmMinesHorticulture

PanAmMinesHorticulture Pan Am Mines & HorticultureElkStBusinessDist
PanAmPresMcKinleyAddress PanAmPresMcKinleyAddress

PanAmPresMcKinleyAddress Pan Am President McKinley AddressElkStBusinessDist
PanAmRainbowCity PanAmRainbowCity

PanAmRainbowCity Pan Am Rainbow CityElkStBusinessDist
PanAmStadium PanAmStadium

PanAmStadium Pan Am StadiumElkStBusinessDist
PanAmTempleofMusic PanAmTempleofMusic

PanAmTempleofMusic Pan Am Temple of MusicElkStBusinessDist
PanAmTempleofMusic2 PanAmTempleofMusic2

PanAmTempleofMusic2 Pan Am Temple of MusicElkStBusinessDist
PanAmUSgovernment PanAmUSgovernment

PanAmUSgovernment Pan Am US Government BldgElkStBusinessDist
ParksideSanitarium1392Amher ParksideSanitarium1392Amher

ParksideSanitarium1392Amher Parkside Sanitarium 1392 Amherst StElkStBusinessDist
PeaceBridge1 PeaceBridge1

PeaceBridge1 Peace BridgeElkStBusinessDist
PeaceBridge2 PeaceBridge2

PeaceBridge2 Peace BridgeElkStBusinessDist
PeaceBridge3 PeaceBridge3

PeaceBridge3 Peace BridgeElkStBusinessDist
PeaceBridge4 PeaceBridge4

PeaceBridge4 Peace BridgeElkStBusinessDist
PearlSt PearlSt

PearlSt Pearl StElkStBusinessDist
PerrysSanckBar373WilliamSt PerrysSanckBar373WilliamSt

PerrysSanckBar373WilliamSt Perrys Snack Bar 373 William StElkStBusinessDist
PierceArrow PierceArrow

PierceArrow Pierce ArrowElkStBusinessDist
PolishChurchCard PolishChurchCard

PolishChurchCard Polish Church CardElkStBusinessDist
PostOffice PostOffice

PostOffice Post OfficeElkStBusinessDist
PublicLibrary PublicLibrary

PublicLibrary Public LibraryElkStBusinessDist
PublicLibrary2 PublicLibrary2

PublicLibrary2 Public LibraryElkStBusinessDist
PumpingWorksCars PumpingWorksCars

PumpingWorksCars Pumping Works CarsElkStBusinessDist
RPPC102massAve RPPC102massAve

RPPC102massAve 102 Massachusetts AveElkStBusinessDist
RPPC1963Ragsman RPPC1963Ragsman

RPPC1963Ragsman 1963 RagsmanElkStBusinessDist
RPPCBfloSodaFountain RPPCBfloSodaFountain

RPPCBfloSodaFountain Bflo Soda FountainElkStBusinessDist
RPPCBfloTransprtatioCo1 RPPCBfloTransprtatioCo1

RPPCBfloTransprtatioCo1 Bflo Transportation CompanyElkStBusinessDist
There are quite a number of these floating around… Looks like a souvenir from your bus tour of Buffalo RPPCBfloTransprtatioCo2 RPPCBfloTransprtatioCo2

RPPCBfloTransprtatioCo2 Bflo Transportation CompanyElkStBusinessDist
RPPCBfloTransprtatioCo3 RPPCBfloTransprtatioCo3

RPPCBfloTransprtatioCo3 Bflo Transportation CompanyElkStBusinessDist
RPPCBflotoScarboroBeachtrol RPPCBflotoScarboroBeachtrol

RPPCBflotoScarboroBeachtrol Buffalo to Scarboro Beach trolleyElkStBusinessDist
RPPCDepewNYstores RPPCDepewNYstores

RPPCDepewNYstores Depew NY storesElkStBusinessDist
RPPCLackawannaMovieHouse RPPCLackawannaMovieHouse

RPPCLackawannaMovieHouse Lackawanna Movie HouseElkStBusinessDist
RPPCMamrosesOP RPPCMamrosesOP

RPPCMamrosesOP Mamroses Restaurant Orchard ParkElkStBusinessDist
RPPCTourSilverStreakTours RPPCTourSilverStreakTours

RPPCTourSilverStreakTours Tour Silver Streak ToursElkStBusinessDist
RPPCcentralParkMarket RPPCcentralParkMarket

RPPCcentralParkMarket Central Park MarketElkStBusinessDist
RPPCembalmedDog RPPCembalmedDog

RPPCembalmedDog Embalmed DogElkStBusinessDist
Buffalo’s been bizaare for a long time….RPPClockportTheTavernMainSt RPPClockportTheTavernMainSt

RPPClockportTheTavernMainSt Lockport The Tavern Main StElkStBusinessDist
RPPCtourbus1 RPPCtourbus1

RPPCtourbus1 tour busElkStBusinessDist
RPPCtourbus2 RPPCtourbus2

RPPCtourbus2 tour bus ElkStBusinessDist
RPPCtourbus3 RPPCtourbus3

RPPCtourbus3 tour busElkStBusinessDist
RPPCtourbus4 RPPCtourbus4

RPPCtourbus4 tour busElkStBusinessDist
RichmondCircle RichmondCircle

RichmondCircle Richmond CircleElkStBusinessDist
RichmondColonialCircle RichmondColonialCircle

RichmondColonialCircle Richmond Colonial CircleElkStBusinessDist
RichmondatPorter RichmondatPorter

RichmondatPorter Richmond at PorterElkStBusinessDist
RiversidePark RiversidePark

RiversidePark Riverside ParkElkStBusinessDist
Rockpile3 Rockpile3

Rockpile3 RockpileElkStBusinessDist
Rockpile4 Rockpile4

Rockpile4 RockpileElkStBusinessDist
SciandrasToyland SciandrasToyland

SciandrasToyland Sciandras ToylandElkStBusinessDist
SesquehanaIronUnionFurnace SesquehanaIronUnionFurnace

SesquehanaIronUnionFurnace Sesquehana Iron Union FurnaceElkStBusinessDist
SheltonSq10 SheltonSq10

SheltonSq10 Shelton SqElkStBusinessDist
SheltonSq11 SheltonSq11

SheltonSq11 Shelton SqElkStBusinessDist
SheltonSq12 SheltonSq12

SheltonSq12 Shelton SqElkStBusinessDist
SheltonSq13 SheltonSq13

SheltonSq13 Shelton SqElkStBusinessDist
SheltonSq14 SheltonSq14

SheltonSq14 Shelton SqElkStBusinessDist
SheltonSq3 SheltonSq3

SheltonSq3 Shelton SqElkStBusinessDist
SheltonSq4 SheltonSq4

SheltonSq4 Shelton SqElkStBusinessDist
SheltonSq5 SheltonSq5

SheltonSq5 Shelton SqElkStBusinessDist
SheltonSq6 SheltonSq6

SheltonSq6 Shelton SqElkStBusinessDist
SheltonSq7 SheltonSq7

SheltonSq7 Shelton SqElkStBusinessDist
SheltonSq8 SheltonSq8

SheltonSq8 Shelton SqElkStBusinessDist
SheltonSq9 SheltonSq9

SheltonSq9 Shelton SqElkStBusinessDist
SheltonSqErieCoSavingsBank1 SheltonSqErieCoSavingsBank1

SheltonSqErieCoSavingsBank1 Shelton Sq Erie Co Savings BankElkStBusinessDist
SheltonSqErieCoSavingsBank2 SheltonSqErieCoSavingsBank2

SheltonSqErieCoSavingsBank2 Shelton Sq Erie Co Savings BankElkStBusinessDist
SheltonSqErieCountyBankBldg SheltonSqErieCountyBankBldg

SheltonSqErieCountyBankBldg Shelton Square Erie County Bank BldgElkStBusinessDist
SheltonSquare1 SheltonSquare1

SheltonSquare1 Shelton SquareElkStBusinessDist
SheltonSquare2 SheltonSquare2

SheltonSquare2 Shelton SquareElkStBusinessDist
SistersHospital SistersHospital

SistersHospital Sisters HospitalElkStBusinessDist
SnowballsRestaurant SnowballsRestaurant

SnowballsRestaurant Snowballs RestaurantElkStBusinessDist
SouthParkBotanicalGardens SouthParkBotanicalGardens

SouthParkBotanicalGardens South Park Botanical GardensElkStBusinessDist
SouthParkConservatory-Botanical-Gard SouthParkConservatory-Botanical-Gard

SouthParkConservatory-Botanical-Gard South Park Conservatory Botanical GardensElkStBusinessDist
SouthParkOLV SouthParkOLV

SouthParkOLV South Park OLVElkStBusinessDist
StJosephsCathedral StJosephsCathedral

StJosephsCathedral St Josephs CathedralElkStBusinessDist
StPatricksCathedral StPatricksCathedral

StPatricksCathedral St Patricks CathedralElkStBusinessDist
StarTheatre StarTheatre

StarTheatre Star TheatreElkStBusinessDist
Statler Statler

Statler Statler HotelElkStBusinessDist
StatlerArborDiningRoom StatlerArborDiningRoom

StatlerArborDiningRoom Statler Arbor Dining RoomElkStBusinessDist
StatlerArborRoom StatlerArborRoom

StatlerArborRoom Statler Arbor RoomElkStBusinessDist
StatlerBallRoom StatlerBallRoom

StatlerBallRoom Statler Ball RoomElkStBusinessDist
StatlerDutchGrill StatlerDutchGrill

StatlerDutchGrill Statler Dutch GrillElkStBusinessDist
StatlerEnglishTapRoom StatlerEnglishTapRoom

StatlerEnglishTapRoom Statler English Tap RoomElkStBusinessDist
StatlerLobby StatlerLobby

StatlerLobby Statler LobbyElkStBusinessDist
StatlerPalmRoom StatlerPalmRoom

StatlerPalmRoom Statler Palm RoomElkStBusinessDist
StoneHood-Awing StoneHood-Awing

StoneHood-Awing Stone Hood AwingElkStBusinessDist
SummerSt SummerSt

SummerSt Summer StElkStBusinessDist
Telephone%26IroquoisCars Telephone&IroquoisCars

Telephone%26IroquoisCars Telephone & Iroquois CarsElkStBusinessDist
TheAuditorium%26StMarys TheAuditorium&StMarys

TheAuditorium%26StMarys The Auditorium & St MarysElkStBusinessDist
TheAuditorium1916 TheAuditorium1916

TheAuditorium1916 The Auditorium 1916ElkStBusinessDist
TheChildsPlace TheChildsPlace

TheChildsPlace The Childs PlaceElkStBusinessDist
TheOrleansFerry TheOrleansFerry

TheOrleansFerry The Orleans FerryElkStBusinessDist
TonawandaNiagaraSt%26Canal TonawandaNiagaraSt&Canal

TonawandaNiagaraSt%26Canal Tonawanda Niagara St & CanalElkStBusinessDist
TonawandaSheridan-plaza1953 TonawandaSheridan-plaza1953

TonawandaSheridan-plaza1953 Tonawanda Sheridan Plaza 1953ElkStBusinessDist
TonawandaWurlitzer TonawandaWurlitzer

TonawandaWurlitzer Tonawanda WurlitzerElkStBusinessDist
TownCasinoLiberace TownCasinoLiberace

TownCasinoLiberace Town Casino LiberaceElkStBusinessDist
TrolleyOlcottBeach TrolleyOlcottBeach

TrolleyOlcottBeach Trolley Olcott BeachElkStBusinessDist
UBmedicalSchool UBmedicalSchool

UBmedicalSchool UB Medical SchoolElkStBusinessDist
UnionRdCheektowaga UnionRdCheektowaga

UnionRdCheektowaga Union Rd CheektowagaElkStBusinessDist
VAhospital1950s VAhospital1950s

VAhospital1950s VA hospital 1950sElkStBusinessDist
VincesCastleInn VincesCastleInn

VincesCastleInn Vinces Castle InnElkStBusinessDist
WestSeneca1907 WestSeneca1907

WestSeneca1907 West Seneca 1907ElkStBusinessDist
WilliamSt WilliamSt

WilliamSt William StElkStBusinessDist
WilliamsvilleCatholicChurch WilliamsvilleCatholicChurch

WilliamsvilleCatholicChurch Sts Peter & Paul WilliamsvilleElkStBusinessDist

YMCA2 YMCAElkStBusinessDist

YMCA3 YMCAElkStBusinessDist

YMCA4 YMCAElkStBusinessDist
YMCAcentralBldg%26Hotel YMCAcentralBldg&Hotel

YMCAcentralBldg%26Hotel YMCA Central Bldg & HotelElkStBusinessDist
ZooBearPits1 ZooBearPits1

ZooBearPits1 Zoo Bear PitsElkStBusinessDist
ZooBearPits2 ZooBearPits2

ZooBearPits2 Zoo Bear PitsElkStBusinessDist
ZooElephant ZooElephant

ZooElephant Zoo ElephantElkStBusinessDist
ZooElephantHouse ZooElephantHouse

ZooElephantHouse Zoo Elephant HouseElkStBusinessDist
ZooEntranceParkside ZooEntranceParkside

ZooEntranceParkside Zoo Entrance ParksideElkStBusinessDist
ZooEntranceParkside2 ZooEntranceParkside2

ZooEntranceParkside2 Zoo Entrance ParksideElkStBusinessDist
ZooFromRingRd ZooFromRingRd

ZooFromRingRd Zoo From Ring RdElkStBusinessDist
ZooGeneral ZooGeneral

ZooGeneral ZooElkStBusinessDist
ZooRingRd ZooRingRd

ZooRingRd Zoo Ring RdElkStBusinessDist
aaaCover2 aaaCover2

aaaCover2 CoverElkStBusinessDist
aaaDecoBrochure aaaDecoBrochure

aerialviewNiagaraSq aerialviewNiagaraSq

aerialviewNiagaraSq Aerial view Niagara SqaaaDecoBrochure
bisons1907 bisons1907

bisons1907 Bisons 1907aaaDecoBrochure
buff-roch-pitt-railroad buff-roch-pitt-railroad

buff-roch-pitt-railroad Buffalo-Rochester-Pittsburgh RailroadaaaDecoBrochure
church1907 church1907

church1907 church 1907aaaDecoBrochure
dlw1 dlw1

dlw1 DLW TerminalaaaDecoBrochure
eduardos3297Bailey1 eduardos3297Bailey1

eduardos3297Bailey1 Eduardos 3297 Bailey AveaaaDecoBrochure
eduardos3297Bailey2 eduardos3297Bailey2

eduardos3297Bailey2 Eduardos 3297 Bailey AveaaaDecoBrochure
eduardos3297Bailey3 eduardos3297Bailey3

eduardos3297Bailey3 Eduardos 3297 Bailey AveaaaDecoBrochure
eduardos3297Bailey4 eduardos3297Bailey4

eduardos3297Bailey4 Eduardos 3297 Bailey AveaaaDecoBrochure
frontDrivingCU frontDrivingCU

frontDrivingCU Front Driving Close UpaaaDecoBrochure
greyhoundTerm greyhoundTerm

greyhoundTerm Greyhound TerminalaaaDecoBrochure
lafayetteSqCars lafayetteSqCars

lafayetteSqCars Lafayette Sq CarsaaaDecoBrochure
late1800sChurches late1800sChurches

late1800sChurches late 1800s ChurchesaaaDecoBrochure
late1800sHotels late1800sHotels

late1800sHotels late 1800s HotelsaaaDecoBrochure
mainlooksnorth mainlooksnorth

mainlooksnorth Main Looks NorthaaaDecoBrochure
mainstStores mainstStores

mainstStores Main St StoresaaaDecoBrochure
nyTelephoneBuffalo1912 nyTelephoneBuffalo1912

nyTelephoneBuffalo1912 NY Telephone Buffalo 1912aaaDecoBrochure
nycentralDepot nycentralDepot

nycentralDepot NY CentralDepotaaaDecoBrochure
olivers olivers

olivers OliversaaaDecoBrochure
rockpile2 rockpile2

rockpile2 RockpileaaaDecoBrochure
rockpille1 rockpille1

rockpille1 RockpileaaaDecoBrochure
rosticceria-back rosticceria-back

rosticceria-back Rosticceria-backaaaDecoBrochure
rosticceria1 rosticceria1

rosticceria1 RosticceriaaaaDecoBrochure
rosticceria2 rosticceria2

rosticceria2 RosticceriaaaaDecoBrochure
rppcAM%26AsTruck rppcAM&AsTruck

rppcAM%26AsTruck AM&As TruckaaaDecoBrochure
rppcDailyVolksfreund rppcDailyVolksfreund

rppcDailyVolksfreund Daily VolksfreundaaaDecoBrochure
rppcSearsMotorcycle rppcSearsMotorcycle

rppcSearsMotorcycle Sears MotorcycleaaaDecoBrochure
rppcSummerPlaceEpiscopalChu rppcSummerPlaceEpiscopalChu

rppcSummerPlaceEpiscopalChu Summer Place Episcopal ChurchaaaDecoBrochure
thruway thruway

thruway ThruwayaaaDecoBrochure
thruwayExit52-1962 thruwayExit52-1962

1962 Thruway Exit 52

Reformatted & Updated pages from finding a new home at
Reformatted & Updated pages from finding a new home at