Longer ago than it might feel… From the 1999-2000 phone book

By Steve Cichon

It wasn’t that long ago, right? 1999-2000? So the phone book shouldn’t be that different, should it?

As I put two recently delivered telephone directories out for recycling today, I thought I’d go grab a classic phone book off the shelf and give it a look through.

(Thanks for skipping over the why the hell do you have a 1999-2000 phone book question.)

Anyway, flip through, and of course there are some “oooOOH YEAaah!” type moments from things you’ve forgotten over the last 14 (almost 15) years.


One thing that’s changed: the name of the phone company. It was Bell Atlantic for about 7 minutes between NYNEX and Verizon.



Yay! Coupon for Blizzard Soccer!


I miss this long neck guy from Forest City Auto Parts. He was on the building that is now a smut shop at Seneca and Bailey for a long time. I think they probably could have kept him on the sign, with just a few artistic changes?



Remember Jim Pachiole screaming at us about Factory Sleep Shop?



How about remember when the most annoying car ads just asked you to say hello to your mother? Note Lockport’s Gambino Ford’s website is hi-mom.com.


Were you a Frontier Cellular guy or a Cell One guy? Or did you still have a pager?


My mom probably still looks for phone book coupons when she has computer trouble.

Some how, buffalo.com's 1999 ad looks like it's from 1989. RIP Adelphia and Bell Atlantic.

Some how, buffalo.com’s 1999 ad looks like it’s from 1989. RIP Adelphia and Bell Atlantic.

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