Terribly Wonderful 50s Clip Art

By Steve Cichon

BUFFALO, NY – One of the great things about doing research and looking through old newspapers is finding interesting things to put into collections.


I look for patterns so I can put things together, and make it an interesting group. Such is the case with clip art.

Nowadays, you can have full-color beautiful photos and detailed artwork printed in most newspapers. In the time before even sharp photos were able to be replicated in newsprint, ads often relied on clip art style drawings to help get their messages across. These days, of course, clip art is best known for (annoying) memes on Facebook.

Here are some of the pieces of art I’ve clipped from Buffalo area newspapers from the late 40’s to the mid 60’s.

If any of these inspire a Buffalo-themed meme (or any meme, I guess–), I’d love to see it!


bus cameraman car-music checking-account checkout
garbage mixing-drugs nurses party sneeze

If you use any of these to create a meme, please email, tweet, or Facebook me a copy so I can share it (if it’s not terrible.)

This page originally appeared at TrendingBuffalo.com