Steve’s Silly Tourist Photos

By Steve Cichon

Steve Cichon: World Traveler. Winter Haven, Fl, 1998

BUFFALO, NY – Something that has always struck me is how people always remember and cherish the “important milestones” of life and culture, but the mundanity of daily life is often left to be forever forgotten.

That’s why everyone has 1,000 pictures of themselves as kids on Christmas, but none of you playing outside in the yard on a Tuesday.

Another example, someone will keep their high school diploma, in a box in the basement…. because you’re supposed to keep it. However, the same guy will pay $4000 for a “Car 54, Where Are You” lunchbox on eBay, just like the one he had in 5th grade but threw away at the end of the school year. Makes me think the stuff most of us keep and the stuff we value are too often two different things.

That’s why I collect stuff, tape the radio and tv, and take SILLY TOURIST PICTURES. People tend not to think about what they’ll want to remember in 20 years. I am on a mission to remember and celebrate the crap of day to day life. I love celebrating the under-celebrated.

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