Torn-down Tuesday: Elmwood at Summer, 1986

       By Steve Cichon

The area shown in this Stuyvesant Plaza photo has changed much over the last 32 years.

Torn-Down Tuesday: Elmwood at Summer, 1986

No longer standing are the Safeway locksmith and Fotomat kiosks, and the Mister Donut store was a Bakerman Donuts location in the ’90s, and has been a Just Pizza location since then.

The Your Host sign still stands, but for 20 years or so has advertised Chinese Kitchen instead.

The sign box holding the Stuyvesant Plaza sign in the photo also still stands, but was switched out with a KeyBank sign when Key moved into the plaza, following the Lexington Co-op’s purchase of Key’s former location at 807 Elmwood Ave. The old building was torn down to make way for Lexington’s current store that opened in 2005.