The Great Howard Simon

       By Steve Cichon

Howard Simon might be the best broadcaster I’ve ever worked with.

So knowledgeable, personable, smooth and genuine that he really didn’t have to prepare.

Still, he’s the most prepared talkshow host I’ve ever seen. 

Howard Simon with the late Jim Kelley, 1996.

Even though he’s the best broadcaster I’ve ever worked with– I don’t even feel moved to write about that when I think about Howard. All I can think about is that Howard Simon might be the finest human being I’ve ever worked with.

Howard and Steve, WBEN Studios, 1995

It’s the fact that he is a great, amazing human being that makes him a great broadcaster. Humble. Even keeled. Giving. Would rather make a caller or a co-host look good than put the spotlight on himself. Dozens– maybe even hundreds– of co-workers and fellow reporters owe so much to this kind soul who gives so much, sometimes it’s difficult to realize it’s happening.

Steve and Howard, WNSA/Empire Sports Network, 2003

I’ve known Howard for 30 years. He has never disappointed me. He doesn’t disappoint– as a talkshow host, as a journalist, as a human being.

The world needs more guys like Howard. Radio and sports broadcasting definitely could use more people like Howard. 

Rob Ray and Howard, 1995

Of course, the fact that Howard is so nice (and I am such a prick) makes him a very easy target for my merciless chirping. 

He won’t like that I’m sharing some of these highlights from early in his career– but I know he’s expecting it. (Or at least he should be. The guy’s about to retire.)

The WGR Morning Show, c.2005

As we listen to the clips below, we will all laugh at Howard talking up a Kajagoogoo or Wang Chung song, reading a newscast, or even being a country music disc jockey. We’ll laugh, because Howard lets us. We’ll laugh, but we’ll all be thinking, what an amazing talent at everything he does. 

Wang Chung!
UB vs Buff State, 1981
WOHO jock
Buffalo Stallions news—WBNY
Mudhens PBP, 1988
Kajagoogoo! 1986 Elmira
Real Country! No bull!!
HOWARD SIMON!! WNSA voice over guy

My favorite Howard protege is Chris Parker.

Howard Simon and Chris “Bulldog” Parker

Even though it’s almost 30 years ago, it’s still one of my favorite shows to have been a part of– those two co-hosting on WBEN’s One-One-One Sports.

Howard Simon & Bulldog WBEN 1996 Part 1
Howard Simon & Bulldog WBEN 1996 Part 2

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