Buffalo Stories helps connect you to your personal history.

Combining professional research, writing, video, and social media skills, Buffalo Stories, LLC helps you get the most from your story. Whether your aim is to grow your business, create online content, research your home, or enrich your family for generations by preparing a family history… Steve and the team behind Buffalo Stories LLC look forward to taking you from idea to finished product.

From oral histories to finding clues on old government forms and newspapers– we can either start from scratch or pick up where you left off, bringing your family’s history to life for generations.


It’s intriguing to know who and what was in our spaces before us, and what stories their remnants can tell. Not just the names and dates, but knowning and understanding the stories of our past can even help us unlock answers in our own lives.


Business/Groups/Non Profits
If you aren’t using your tremendous, rich history to help spread your message– you are leaving an incredible resource untapped. Don’t just tell potential clients, members, customers what sets you apart– Let them see your experience and track record, and give them something they’d love claim as their own.


We do the work it takes to turn your stories into your legacy.

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Let’s tell some stories together!


Steve Cichon, Buffalo Stories LLC

Steve Cichon writes about the great things that make Buffalo special here and daily at history.buffalonews.com. The storyteller, writer, and historian has written five books, worn bow ties since the 80s, and spent 20 years working in Buffalo radio and TV. He’s an Adjunct Communications Professor at Medaille College, an in-demand speaker, and as proud a Buffalonian as you’ll find.

Find out how Steve and Buffalo Stories LLC can help you tell your story or appear at your next event or meeting with The Buffalo Stories Roadshow.

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