Out of the Past: Millar Brothers Pharmacy, c.1950

       By Steve Cichon

Sixty-eight years ago, the owner of that Pontiac had to feed the parking meter to visit the Millar Brothers’ drug store or Emerling Shoes.

The cost to park along Main Street in 1948 was one cent for 12 minutes, with no more than two hours allowed in a spot.

Millar Bros. was a Hamburg institution. When David Millar, Jr. and John McGinnis filled the store’s one millionth prescription in 1985, the store had already been serving Hamburg for 65 years. Donald Temple opened the store in 1920. He sold to Gara Lester, who sold to the Millar Brothers in 1937.

In 1949, David and Gordon Millar moved to the old Kleinfeld Bakery location shown in this photo.

Quality Markets bought out the prescription logs of the Millar Brothers in 1995, and the store’s staff moved into the Quality Market prescription counter as well.

The building has been home to law offices for two decades now.

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Steve Cichon

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