Read the whole book: The Complete History of Parkside

       By Steve Cichon

The full 2009 book, The Complete History of Parkside, by Steve Cichon, is presented here formatted as a series web pages. The original print volume was 174 pages.


Chapter by Chapter

When Parkside was the Rugged Frontier

The First Parksiders: the rough-and-tumble Plains Rangers

Parkside Goes to War, 1812

Parkside after the War of 1812

First a park, then a Parkside

Developing Olmsted’s Parkside

Parkside develops around churches

Darwin Martin brings avant-garde architecture to Parkside

The Growth of Parkside, 1890-1920

The early businesses and churches of Parkside

Getting Around Parkside and Beyond

“The Main Street” near Parkside

Former Main Street institutions of the Parkside era now part of the Canisius campus

Canisius College & The Sisters of St. Joseph

Grover Cleveland’s ties to Parkside and the birth of modern anesthesia: Sisters Hospital & The Marine Hospital

Main Street: School 54, Cars, Pharmacies & Restaurants

Prohibition, Depression, & Wars in Parkside

Urban Renewal, Social Upheaval, Integration, and the Parkside Community Association

Shifting Ideology in Parkside and Buffalo’s oldest community association

Parkside’s City living constants, places of worship, and places to learn

Parkside Goes Hollywood

Delaware Park and the Buffalo Zoo: Parkside’s Biggest Pride & Biggest Battle

National Treasure: The Darwin Martin House Renewed

Parkside in 2009 and beyond

Steve Cichon is the author of The Complete History of Parkside and five other books. 2009 photo.

Written and published by Steve Cichon in 2009, The Complete History of Parkside was uploaded in its entirety to in 2021.

“I wrote this book to collect and share the history of the neighborhood I call home,” said Cichon.

Parts of the book have been posted to before– but never as a complete book.

“Putting this whole book online, formatted as a series of webpages, makes the history of Parkside instantly accessible to anyone with an internet connection. It’s exciting– putting this knowledge at people’s fingertips, and giving more folks a chance to explore and build upon what I wrote almost a dozen years ago.”

Cichon’s greatest hope with all his writing and research on Buffalo and the city’s pop culture history is that it serves to inspire more scholarship, memory collection, and celebration of the things that make Buffalo great.

Original 2009 Thank Yous

To all of those dozens of people; scholars, journalists, and historians, who’ve collected and written individual portions of this history over the years, and left it waiting for me to find and collect here; among them, Michael Riester, George Stock, Barton Atkins, Ellen Parisi, Marjorie Quinlan, Frank Severance, Mark Goldman, Chuck LaChiusa, Pat Kavanagh, Art Lalonde, Jim Powell, Steve Powell, Donald Norton, and many others.

Also to the many, many individuals who shared their stories and historical ephemera and photos with me for inclusion in this book; Including: Jack Anthony, Michael Riester, Bernie Wagner, George Stock, Ann Marie Flett, George Zornick, Greg Lodinsky, Jan Barber, Ruth Lampe, Len Mattie, Paul Crowley, Pamela Rohring, Jennifer Fields, Tom Burns, Sr. Gail Glenn, Al Tinney, Carl Schmitter, Al Wallack, Fred Kerr, Al Kerr, Sam Hoyt, Kevin Keenan, Aaron Heverin, Msgr. Francis Braun, Rev. David Selzer, John Bisci, Tom Malamas, Dan Ryan, Al Villa, Bob Venneman,  Chief Dennis Richards, Chief Charles Fieramusca,  Marsha Henderson, Joe Crangle,  and many, many others.

And there were also many Parkside friends and neighbors who lent vital moral support over the 19 months this project dragged on (i.e., listened to me drone on about it.) Among them: David Lampe, Tom Ziobro, Mike O’Sullivan, Jack O’Sullivan, Rich Wolf, Pat Lalonde, Chris Lavey, Tom Dolan, Marlene Smith-Amaker, Bob Barends,  James Rusk, Randy Bushover, Nancy Abramo, John Warner, Amy Dembski, Kelly Barbus, Kathy Peterson, Diane Kasting, Paula Dolega, Vanessa Currie and too many others. Thanks for your patience.

Special Thanks to Brian Meyer for his invaluable expert advice; Marty Biniasz for being a partner in history and sharing history; Michael Riester for being the Godfather of this project and infecting me with his contagious life-long love of Parkside;  and my family: Greg, Lynne, Stephen, and Melissa & Jim, Mom and Dad, Mom and Dad H., Jim and Pat, Amanda and Catherine, Haley, the best grandparents anyone could ever ask for, and most of all, my wife Monica—who gave up her husband for too much time during the course of putting this book together.  Thanks Sweetie Pie, I love ya……

This page is an excerpt from The Complete History of Parkside by Steve Cichon

The full text of the book is now online. 

The original 174-page book is available along with Steve’s other books online at The Buffalo Stories Bookstore and from fine booksellers around Western New York. 

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