Torn-Down Tuesday: Blind Eddie’s newsstand at Broadway & Fillmore

       By Steve Cichon

When Blind Eddie’s was photographed in 1969, the newsstand was noted as the largest outdoor newsstand in the city at that point.

It was also pointed out that like shoe shine stands and railroad stations, the once ubiquitous and flourishing newsstand was being wiped off the city landscape.

The newsstand is gone, as are all the businesses represented by partially obscured signs looking south down Fillmore Avenue.

The bowling alley, Norban’s and McDonald’s are all as much a memory of that intersection as the newsstand.

The one constant in the neighborhood, visible off in the distance, is St. Stanislaus church – the institution from which Buffalo’s “Polish colony” sprung, and around which Broadway/Fillmore grew into one of the city’s best traveled and shopped areas for many generations.