the Broadway Arsenal aka the Broadway Auditorium aka the Broadway Barns

By Steve Cichon

It has been known for more than 70 years as the giant old building where the City of Buffalo keeps its snow removal equipment, but the history of what we now call the Broadway Barns goes back to the Civil War era.

Built in 1858, the Broadway Arsenal was home to two local regiments during the Civil War. After the war, the building was turned over to the state as a National Guard armory.

The Broadway Arsenal, c.1870s.

The building was decommissioned as an armory in 1910, and with a new addition on the front, it became the Broadway Auditorium.

Boxing, hockey, bicycle races, basketball, wrestling, circuses, indoor baseball — all were regular events at the Broadway Aud for 30 years.

from March 30, 1940: Six-card fight at the Broadway Auditorium
Construction at the Broadway Barns, 1948.
A fire from a mishandled flare destroyed most of the original building in 1948, but the building remains the home of most of Buffalo’s big trucks, including the snow removal fleet.
The Broadway Barns near Michigan, where the city keeps snowplows, dump trucks, etc.