Remembering Dick Enberg

By Steve Cichon

I’ve been missing Dick Enberg for a while now.

NBC Sports’ Dick Enberg in the play-by-play booth at Rich Stadium in 1991 with Bill Walsh. (Buffalo Stories archives)

Loved him in the booth. Nothing was ever about him in his broadcasts, ever smiling and humble.

He wasn’t there to make you think he was smart or clever, just to tell you what was happening on the field and ask his color guy what he thought about it.

There was an honesty and earnestness about his on air demeanor. He wasn’t some overly-sportsed knucklehead… you could imagine him as a loan officer at a bank during the week who just happened to have some cool weekend gig.

I miss that. Even his catch phrase… OOOH MY! was mild mannered, and you got the impression he really meant “oh my,” and wouldn’t have said anything stronger on TV or not.

He’s also one of the few big-time folks who didn’t disappoint me upon meeting him. What you saw was what you got. He was more interested in my having worked with Van Miller than whatever I was asking about.

He was 82 when he died this morning.