Buffalo in the 70’s: Sports heroes and their gin mills…

By Steve Cichon

Buffalo is a city that loves its sports and loves to drink. It makes combining the two a natural, and many professional athletes have tried their hands at becoming professional tavern owners as well.

In the 80’s and 90’s, Sabres tough guy Rob Ray had Rayzor’s on Elmwood Avenue at Bidwell. Bills great Jim Kelly famously had a string of nightclubs.

But in the 60’s and 70’s, Sestak and Maguire’s Lounge — owned by Bills all-time defensive lineman Tom Sestak and Bills all-time punter Paul Maguire — was one of Buffalo’s popular dining spots.

Forty years ago this week, Sestak and Maguire’s was advertised in The News right next to Schony’s. Jim Schoenfeld is remembered in Buffalo for his toughness on the blue line, his singing ability and record albums, his selling of mattresses, even his broadcasting and coaching.

Many fewer, however, remember Jim Schoenfeld, your host at Schony’s in the Evans Town Plaza.