Buffalo in the ’80s: (Ugly) Christmas sweaters at AM&A’s

By Steve Cichon

Now that Halloween is over, retailers see nothing but daylight between now and the big day — Christmas. That sense of timing has been true for decades, but the way certain items are marketed have changed with the times.

This AM&A’s ad for holiday sweaters appeared in The News’ Buffalo Magazine in November 1988.

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If Adam, Meldrum, and Anderson was still in business, they might still be offering the same array of sweaters, but instead of calling them “festive holiday tops,” and noting their “designer look,” there’s a fair chance that they’d have joined other retailers like Macy’s, Target, and Walmart, each of which have large selections of “ugly Christmas sweaters” on their websites.

Santa and Mrs. Claus arrive at AM&A’s Downtown store in 1990. (Buffalo Stories archives)