Buffalo in the ’60s: Thumbs up for Williamsville toll move

By Steve Cichon

Gov. Nelson Rockefeller was expected to sign a measure approving the moving of the Williamsville toll barrier to Depew.

But not so fast. Today, the toll barrier remains where it was in 1969.

However, not all tolls are as they were decades ago. A campaign led by Carl Paladino in 2006 was successful in removing the Ogden and Breckenridge tolls on the Niagara Thruway, saving drivers on the highway at the time $0.75.

April 25, 1969: Move of toll barrier in Williamsville passes Assembly with ease

“The new toll booths would be placed at the ramp leading to Exit 49, Depew. Many commuters from Amherst, Clarence, Lancaster and Cheektowaga thus will be able to reach downtown Buffalo by paying only one 15-cent toll instead of two.”