Whether you voted for him or not: Don’t let it be about President Trump

By Steve Cichon

It would have happened no matter who won The White House… Half of America woke up sad, angry, and feeling like the country they love is somehow slipping away.

Last night’s election results should underline one key notion for the anti-Trump crowd.

The President-Elect’s reality television personality has been a red herring all along.

I don’t accept that the 47% of Americans who voted for Donald Trump condone or embrace the vile things that he’s said and tweeted. What it says to me is that for as offensive and vulgar and insulting as the notion of “pussy grabbing” is, the idea of our nation continuing on the same path that we’ve been on is more offensive.

Anti-Trumpers, please let that set in. With a small margin of error, 100% of Americans think pussy grabbing is offensive. But enough people found not only Hillary Clinton, but the establishment she stands for as more offensive than pussy grabbing.

It’s not about Trump. Maybe for some it was, but it was about taking a chance on someone who might start doing things differently around here.

It was the message on the hat, not necessarily the guy wearing it.
It was the message on the hat, not necessarily the guy wearing it.

The hats didn’t say “Trump 2016” on them. Trump’s name wasn’t on the hat. The hat said “Make America Great Again,” and it’s that notion that resonated more than the flawed candidate.

We live in a great nation made up of great people.

My hope for our country it that every last citizen takes the advice of Donald Trump and works to make America great again. Or still great. Or continue to be great. Or whatever.

The way for each of us to make sure our vision of America stays alive is to forget about the politics of personality and to instead fight for the ideas that must be at the core of the America we envision.

The more often we can make a point from our hearts—and not through the prism of making our political leaders either demigods or assholes–  the more likely we are to attract like-minded people from all political persuasions to our personal vision of what a Great America will look like for the next generation.

It’s time for every American to stop with foolish websites and political hatred and nonsense. We have to look inside ourselves to see where our hearts say this country needs to be, and work to bring it there.

The best kind of change doesn’t come from hatred and anger. It comes from love and understanding. It’s not easy—I’ve spent the entire morning deleting paragraphs and rearranging ideas. But it’s worth it. I want my ulcers to come from coffee, red meat, and liquor… not my president.

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